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Hope you enjoyed your Home Learning yesterday.

I am really enjoying seeing all the wonderful things you are doing – keep it up!


This week, I would like you to send me an example of your English  learning. You can choose what you would like to send me. It will allow me to tell you well done individually!

Please take a look at Mrs Fitzgerald’s posts about Write stuff and the School Planner front cover competition.





Starter activity – Times Tables

Practise your times tables using Purple Mash – I’ve set this for you but you can choose to do any other times tables activity.

Remember, if you want to, you can create your own test sheet using this times tables generator:

Mathsframe also have a timed test you can do on screen:


L.I. – To solve problems involving converting between hours and minutes.

This continues our focus on converting measures.

As usual, watch the video and follow the instructions for the lesson.


If you would like to practise some less challenging tasks – have a go at the attached sheet:

Mild – converting hours and minutes

ANSWERS – Mild – converting hours and minutes



Today’s lesson focusses on the meaning of words within a text.

It will really help you with your overall reading comprehension skills, encouraging you to check your understanding of what you are reading.

There is a quick quiz at the start and a revision of -ably spellings at the end.

Watch all the video and follow the instructions. You should have a go at the activity, remembering that you can check and correct your answers when they are looked at in the video.

Do your best and have a go. 

L.I. – To understand the meaning of words in a text.

Click below for today’s lesson:



With Joe Wicks or Mr Garvey – have fun!



There are two activities to choose from today.

  Design a medal

Whenever Peter Donnelly from the King’s Own Regimental Museum in Lancaster comes into school, he usually spends some time looking at medals children have brought in. It is always fascinating to discover what they are  awarded for and why they have different coloured ribbons.

Mr Padfield has collected medals since he was a boy. It all started when he was shown the medals that  belonged to his Grandads and his Great Uncle. It started a life long interest for him.

Maybe you could ask your family if they have any medals from WW 2? Ask them to send you a picture. Use the website below to find out more about the medal.

Here is a great website to help you to find out more about each medal:

You can design your own WW2 medal using the sheet attached below to help you or just do it in your book. 



Design a teacup.

VE Day was commemorated in many ways, including the production of special cups. Ask your family if they have any special commemorative cups.

Design your own using the resources attached below:




This is with Mrs O’Donnell – check out her post on our class blog.

Have a great day!

love Mrs Padfield