Let’s celebrate the end of our first week of Home Learning!

Let’s also give a round of applause to all your grown-ups for everything they are doing – whether they are at work or at home. You’re all doing an amazing job – thank you!

Welcome to Worship!

We have a treat for you today. Craig and Mrs Thomas have recorded worship for us all to join in with. Just click on the link below:


HOME LEARNING: MATHS, ENGLISH, RAINBOW CHALLENGE (Stilling time)-  also keep reading!

Today we have an extra creative challenge for you for your Stilling Time. The Rainbow Challenge!

Lancaster Guardian – ‘Drawings of rainbows have started appearing in the windows of houses across the country. Thousands of children are being encouraged to make the pictures to ‘spread hope’ amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Students across the country are stuck at home after the government ordered the closure of all schools in the UK last week in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus.’

Families have been creating rainbows for their windows to cheer up passers during the coronavirus pandemic. Can you create a rainbow and place it in your window? You can be as creative as you like with this challenge. You could draw, paint, print, cut and stick… You could check Google Images for ideas or check this news report: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-51988671

If you’d like to link a story to your learning today, then I would recommend ‘Noah’s Ark.’ A rainbow is a symbol of hope.


L.I. – To solve problems involving decimals.

For maths today I would like you to complete the following on the topic of decimals – choose from Mild, Spicy or Hot. Click on the link below for the questions.


MILD: questions 1-3

SPICY:questions 4-6

HOT: questions 7-9

Remember, if it asks you to explain your answer, use mathematical vocabulary or give an example or both.




You could do this like a Write Stuff. Have some relaxing music playing whilst you work!

L.I. – To write a diary entry.

Listen again to Episode 1 up to the time of 6:19 of Wind in the Willows on BBC School radio.

I have attached the story from Episode 1 below – you will only need pages 1 and 2 today – don’t read ahead!


Write a diary entry from Mole’s point of view. Include the main events and Mole’s thoughts and feelings.

Start it with:

Dear Diary,

I have attached the success criteria for you to use:

1 star- mild

2 stars – spicy

3 stars -hot


Have a great weekend and remember – you are amazing!