Friday at last!

Well done everyone – one last day of Home Learning before the weekend. Make sure you take time to watch today’s Worship and take a look at the Home Learning Celebration post.

Submitting Learning

Thank you to the children who have sent me a sample of their writing from this week. If you haven’t done this yet, please send it to me today.


Don’t forget it is our class Zoom meeting today at 11:30am – if you have a favourite book that you have read whilst learning from home, please be ready to share that with the class.




Family Challenge Day!

Have a go at the challenges below.  Here is a rough guide to the challenge level for the questions:

Q1-2 suitable for  5-7

Q3-6 suitable for 7-11

Q7-10 suitable for 11-15



You can also find some thing from Mathletics or Purple Mash that you need to practise and /or have a go at the game below.

Times Tables Game

Here’s a good game for practising Times Tables – watch  the video and then make the cards to play the game. You could use the back of a cereal box of just scraps of paper:




Watch the video and try the activities, then have a go at your own sound poem.



L.I. – To write a persuasive script for an  advertisement.

Based on all the inventions you have looked at throughout the week, select your favourite one.
Imagine you have been asked to create an advertisement to sell this invention on the TV, in a similar way to Shouty Man on Horrible Histories. If you are unfamiliar with Shouty Man, a compilation of his adverts can be found here:

Write a script for your advert. Think about including persuasive features in your script such as: the invention benefits, appealing adjectives, a snappy slogan, facts and offers.

If possible, once you have written your script, you may choose to video the advert to send to me!


Another fun art lesson from Oak National Academy:



Get Yo Body Movin for the weekend!


Great effort this week Sycamore Class- keep going, keep trying, don’t give up, because you can do it!

Have a great weekend,

Love and miss you all

Mrs Padfield