Hi everyone!


There was a surprise visitor to the playground this morning – can anyone spot what type of bird it is?


Mrs Ashworth thinks it is one of the chickens having a Mufti Day!

Tonight at 8pm there is another national Clap for our Carers. If it isn’t past your bedtime your parents might let you join in.


Today we are going to do a mixed arithmetic paper. This paper reflects what is expected for the end of Year 5 in Arithmetic. It suggests that you complete the paper in 20 minutes, so time yourself  if you would like a challenge. If not, just work through it at your own pace, doing the questions that you can do. You can do this in your Home Learning book  – remember to put the question  number.

There might be a number of questions that are challenging for you. When you have had a go, have a look at the answers to see how it is done.

There will also be a few questions on the paper that we haven’t covered yet e.g. multiplying fractions and ones that we haven’t done in a while, like cube numbers, so don’t worry if you don’t know how to do them yet.

Make sure you then take some time to go through the answers, maybe with a grown-up, so that you can see how to answer them for the future.

Year 5 – Arithmetic – Spring

Year 5 – Mark Scheme- Arithmetic.docx


We’re 1st place on the Spelling Shed leader board – well done Sycamore!

I have set spellings today for you to learn over the Easter break. Your grown up will be asked to test you the first week back on the Thursday.


complete the activities below.

L.I. To spell polysyllabic words with unstressed vowels.


Creating Mnemonics Activity Sheet



Ask an adult to check you answers for the Mnemonics sheet.


PI –

complete the activity below- you can ask an adult to mark it for you.

L.I. – To spell words using an apostrophe for plural possession.

Pi Spellings – Plural Apostrophe

You can get a grown up to check your work or email it to me.

Individual Spellers.

L.I. – To practise spellings within a full sentence.

If you are working on individual spellings, then I would like you to practise your spellings by writing a sentence for each word in your list of spellings. Remember to use a capital letter and a full stop. Ask a grown up to mark it for you.



L.I. – To use the eight points of the compass.

The document below has each task followed straight away by the answer sheet – no peeking!


Write the answers in your book.

MILD – 1 star

SPICY – 2 star

HOT – 3 star

As a further challenge try creating your own map. You could produce one like the ones on the worksheet or come up with your own ideas. Have a go at using the eight points of the compass. Maybe you could use a room in your house and ask directions from one object to another. If you have an outside area, you could map out the main features and direct someone around it. Or, you could place objects around the area to navigate in between. You might decide to use a map of a country and give directions between cities or key landmarks like the HOT sheet.

Make it more exciting by leaving a treasure at the last place – it could be a message or a treat! Good Luck!


Mindfulness Colouring.

You could do this by colouring in a picture or by drawing a picture yourself to colour in.

Use the prompt below whilst you are colouring.

Mindful Colouring prompt- 2-4-20

Linking in with the Science from this week, I have attached some birds colouring sheets below if you would like to use them.

Mindfulness colouring – British Birds

Enjoy the rest of your day – see you tomorrow!