Morning everyone – thought a goat would make a nice change today!

Hope you’re  all doing well. 



Today’s starter activity is a fishing game to help you practise your times tables.

Please choose a times table that you need to practise. After that choose one other game that you would like to play.


Today’s lesson focusses on grams and kilograms.

L.I. – To recognise and use grams and kilograms.

Practical Activity.

I would suggest that you start by asking your grown-up if you can have a look at any kitchen scales you have.

Look at the scales and answer the following questions –

  1. How many grams in 1 kilogram?
  2. How many grams  in 2 kg
  3. How many grams in 3kg?
  4. How kg in 400 grams ?
  5. How many grams in 1/2 kg
  6. How many grams in 1/4 kg
  7. How many in 1/10 kg?
  8. What fraction of a kg is 100g?
  9.  Select at least 6 things to weigh then record them in order of weight from lightest to heaviest.

Remember to write the unit of measurement. This could be grams (g) or kilograms (kg) or both.

If you haven’t got scales at home- have a go at the activity below. Click on the answer step then play.


Everyone should watch the video below.


Follow the lesson instructions:

I have also set a Mathletics activity if you would like to do it.


Please complete the Mathletics activity on Mass that I have set today.




Today’s lesson starts a unit on diary writing. I wonder how many of you keep a diary? Maybe you could have a go at writing one this week. Do you have any books at home that are written in the form of a diary?

Here are a few suggestions:

Diary of a Killer Cat –  Anne fine

Diary of a Wimpy Kid  – Jeff Kinney

Dork Diaries  – Rachel Renee Russell


Everyone should watch the video today to get some input on diary writing.


Complete the activity in the video.



Watch the video above so that you have some understanding of diary writing.

Have a go at writing a diary entry.

You can choose which day you would like to write about.

Remember to include the following:

  • Dear Diary,
  • Write as if you are talking to the diary so use the first person -I e.g. I made some cakes for V.E. Day.
  • Include your thoughts and feelings – I had a great day today. When I woke up I was happy to see that the sun was shining so I knew I would be able to play outside.
  • Write what happened in your day in the order it happened.


Today I have set a simple 2Do for you on Purple Mash – Snail Race.



With Mr Garvey or Joe Wicks or whatever you like to do!



Today’s Stilling Time is with the lovely Mrs O’Donnell – enjoy!

Another day of great home learning done – so proud of you!

love to you all

Mrs Padfield