Morning Everyone and Welcome Back!

I hope you had a good Half Term and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 


Don’t forget you can join in with Fischy Music on YouTube at 11am if you would like to have a singalong!


Things are starting to change now and we are able to go out more. We can do this and still be safe. Our Stilling Time is all about going with the flow when change happens. It’s a lovely video so please watch it.



I know some of you will be very excited about the new book that J.K.Rowling is releasing for free.

You can start to read it on her website:

She is also holding an illustration competition that you can enter. I have put the link below but it is also on the main website.

Good Luck to everyone who decides to enter!




Starter: Times Tables 2DO on Purple Mash


The focus for today’s lesson is:

L.I. – To multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers.

We’re having a go at something different to the Oak Academy today. You have a choice here of using the White Rose materials or the BBC Bitesize materials  – The White Rose questions are more of a Spicy / Hot choice as they have  a variety of questions which get more challenging.

The BBC Bitesize worksheet on the link has practise of the same type of question so is more of a Mild activity.


White Rose

Click on the link and choose –

Watch the video and have a go at the questions on the sheet below when asked.





BBC Bitesize

There is a  video and two choices of activity. Activity 2 is a worksheet with lots of similar questions to practise your understanding.

Click on the link below:

Remember – you can always find something on Purple Mash or Mathletics if you find the activities tricky.



This week we are looking at making comparisons across texts. The lessons will really help with reading comprehension skills which can be challenging.

The spellings in the video will be part of the spelling lists for Kappa and Omega given out on Thursday so it will be useful for those groups to do any spelling activities included in the videos. If you are in Pi or working on individual spellings you can also watch the spelling activity as you will be doing those spellings at some point in the future.

Watch the video, then have a go at the activity:




Yesterday was the festival of Pentecost in the Christian Calendar, which is really handy as our next R.E. topic is :

 Pentecost – What happened next?

Watch the video below:

If you want more detail -have a read of the document below:


Discuss the following questions:


How do you think the disciples felt?

How does it feel when a promise is fulfilled?

Here are two activities of things to make that represent the wind that blew through the room during Pentecost. You can make 1 or both!

Pentecost spinner

You can use the template below and either print off or draw your own.

pentecost spinner

  • Cut out the big rectangle and colour in (I added some wind for good measure!)
  • Fold along the dotted line and turn face down.
  • Sellotape a straw to the middle of one side and glue all round the edges of the other side.
  • Stick the sides together to make a square with a straw stuck in the middle.


Twizzle the straw between your hands and see the flame appear above the disciple’s head!

Pentecost Wind Spiral

Think of where you could hang this up to catch the wind.

Print off the sheet below or copy the spiral onto a piece of paper / card.

pentecost spinner T-C-7164-Spiral-Template

  • Colour in
  • Cut out
  • Attach some thread /  string to the centre of the spiral
  • hold it/ hang it up to see it spin!



This video will help you to think about how you can manage change:

Well done everyone – our first day of home learning finished for the week.

Remember, you are all superstars!

Miss and love you all,

Mrs Padfield