Hi Acorn Class,

Firstly I’d like to thank all of you for your Home learning efforts; your support is very much appreciated. Thank you also to those who already send in work samples for us to celebrate.

From this week, we are requesting that every child sends in a piece of writing. Preferably the writing should be linked to the English on the blog but I would love to see any kind of writing. It might be a sample of handwriting, a labelled picture, a list of words or a sentence about what you have been up to.

To share your writing, you can use one of the following options:

1. email a photo or attachment to me at [email protected]

2. attach a photo to the blog posts – we have now enabled an upload feature, so you can upload images on the actual blog post, we can then approve them as staff. As we don’t want to overload the website and storage space is limited, any attachments are restricted to 1mgb.

Please feel free to send more Home Learning photos, if you are doing so already or wish to. I will still post work sent on our Friday blog post which looks at all of the amazing activities and work completed.

I know you are all very busy and juggling lots of different things but it would be great to see a piece of work. If you are having any issues or difficulties with this please email me and I will be happy to help.

Mrs Tyson x

P.S. I really enjoyed our Zoom call! It was so wonderful to even just see you, but to hear your all saying hello to each other was heartwarming. Fantastic Scavenger Hunt too; you were all so quick!