What a busy week you’ve all had! Just look at all this wonderful work:

Chloe’s CPSHE work ready for last night’s clap.


Heidi’s Unique poem

Iona’s information poster and her lovely rainbow photos.

Sinjon’s poem and artwork

Megan’s rainbow pictures

This is me, By Fin O’Donnell

I’m a food lover especially fish cooked by my grandad,

This is me,

I can be amazing but sometimes have a fiery temper

This is me,

I am a super master chef always trying my best, and fine delicacies,

This is me,

I am majestically small but a friend to all,

This is me,

I’m a loving protective brother and proud of her character within,

This is me.



I’m shy but sometimes not,

My hair is wild and has a mind of its own

This is me

I like to play video games and I love cats

This is me

I’m not a ‘stale bread’!  I am one of a kind

This is me

I like reading, playing outside, going on my bike, running through the woods and climbing

This is me

My eyes are blue and sometimes green

This is me

I like to eat lobster, pasta and pizza

This is me

I like to do my own thing but sometimes I stick with the others

This is me.

I hate people who ignore me

This is me!

I am Sinjon and I am proud of me!


Last week I think you all forgot to send me your work but Luca did send me his wonderful story. I’m sorry I’m only just posting this now Luca. Here it is…

I am a cat! by Luca

“I’m a cat!! Please no!! It’s impossible. I have to go to school today. What will my friends think of me? What will mum think of me? Someone needs to find a cure for me!’

“Mum! Muuuuum!” Why can’t she hear me? Oh wait, if my body is a cat my voice is a cat. I know I’ll run downstairs and start scratching at the door if it is closed.

“Barney, Barney come and get your breakfast.”

Mum opens Barney’s bedroom door. Mum sees the cat. “Barney, Barney? Is that you?

Barney runs up to the chair where his school clothes are. He leaps on to it but falls off and lands on his back. “Barney, it’s you! But how are you a cat?”

Barney replies with a meow. He jumps into mums arms and snuggles into her prickly jumper. “So the black hair is bad after all!??” says mum.

Mum takes Barney downstairs. They have breakfast together. A cup of tea for mum and a bowl of milk for Barney.

“This is actually nice being a cat even though I can’t use the toilet. How do i actually use the toilet!? I am not doing it outside. That’s for sure!!”

Mum was sitting looking out of the window. “We will figure this out Barney. I will find a scientist who can cure you once and for all.”

Barney felt happy knowing mum was on his side.