Hi Everyone,

Over the coming weeks I will be providing you with lots of teaching ideas and information. Your children are very special indeed and I hold their well being at the forefront of my mind. For this reason, take your time, try not to rush your child, take it at their pace and endeavor to make their learning as practical and fun as you can.

If you want to share something you can do so via our Class Blog. Any positive messages or wonderful ideas will be gratefully received!

I am available via email if at all needed and my email address can be found in your child’s Home Learning Pack.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Tyson x

The following documents were handed out at last weeks’ Parents Evening and they may prove to be very important when supporting your child’s home learning:

Early Learning Goals Parent and Carers Guide

Activities to Try at Home

Please find below a copy of the handouts as seen in your Home Learning Packs:

Continuation of Learning Plan

Acorn Class Spring Home Learning Challenges

Letter Formation

Phonics Phase 3 sound mat for revision