Hi everyone. I hope you are all OK and had a good weekend.

Our GoogleMeet this week will be on Thursday 28th at 1pm. We will play phonics bingo this week so can you prepare a 3 x 2 grid with 6 sounds on like this:

but with 6 of these sounds on it:

sh      ee      ch     oa    air   wh     ph    ie    ay     e_e

I will give clues like: my sound is sh as in ship, sheep shop, can you find the sound?

This week we are starting our new topic on Food called ‘Food Glorious Food’.  I hope you enjoy our new topic. I thought to link our English to our topic, we could look at some Traditional Tales that link to food, so this week we are looking at The Gingerbread Man.



We are going to start off by looking at Traditional Tales and their features. Have a look at this:



Then have a go at the name the story game here:



Then have a look at the name the character game on the first PDF.


CHALLENGE – can you find any Traditional Tales in your home?

What Characters are in the stories?

Where are they set?

What words do they start with e.g. Once Upon a Time.


If you don’t have many books look at these on YouTube:




This week in maths we are looking at 2D and 3D shapes. Today we are looking at 2D shapes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIIidcCw92g this video recaps the shapes and their properties.

In Y1 the properties we look at are how many sides and vertices (corners) the shapes have. We also focus on circles, squares, triangles, oblongs, pentagon and hexagon. We also looks at heptagon and octagon as a challenge.

The video does cover more than this (so ignore the parallel lines etc.) but I thought it was good to recap.

As you’re watching the video, recap how many sides and vertices the shapes above have. Can your child remember them?

Then have a go at this 2D shape hunt around your home:

maths activity day 1



Phonics recap – day 1


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJPvEs8qpQc Have a go at the dance above.


To link to our new topic on ‘Food Glorious Food’, our science today is linked to food. Have a go at one of these experiments if you can:




What do you think will happen?

What happened?

What did you notice?

What did you see?

Why do you think that happened?

What have you found out from this experiment?


I am filming some teaching video’s for the week today in school so they will be ready from tomorrow.

Have a great day and please email me any work you would like me to see. Mrs Quinnx