Hi everyone. I hope you are all OK and have had a good weekend.

Thank you for all of your missing posters for Fluffy! Your writing and descriptions were amazing! Have a look at his blog page for the latest update!

This week’s Google Meet will be on Wednesday at 11am again. We will be playing different games. One of the games we will play is number bingo. Can you get ready a 3 x 2 grid with numbers from 10 – 20 on it like this:

I will give children different clues like 1 more than 12, 1 less than 14, 10 add 5 etc and they can cross off the numbers if they have them.


Here is today’s learning:


This week in English we will be looking at the story called A Dot in the Snow. Listen carefully to what happens in the story and in what order it happens as you will need this information for today’s learning task.

Watch the story here:

https://youtu.be/vjJhz_FVCd0 Can you now sequence the story. Either cut and stick the pictures if you can print or draw what happens in the beginning middle and end of the story:

English day 1

Challenge – if you want extra, can you add words to the pictures to label them?



This week in maths we will be looking at weight and mass.

Have a look at this for heavier and lighter:

https://vimeo.com/417731358 Select one of these activities to complete for today’s maths:

maths day 1

Maths day 1 activity 2

CHALLENGE – IF YOU WOULD LIKE EXTRA Introduce Weight and Mass Cards – challenge day 1



Week 1 – Day 1 Phonics recap





Select one of these experiments to try at home:


Science experiment – polar animals

Ice Ornaments Recipe

Science Experiment

Science Experiment (2)



What do you think will happen?

What happened?

What did you notice?

What did you see?

Why do you think that happened?

What have you found out from this experiment?


I am filming some teaching video’s for the week today in school so they will be ready from tomorrow.

Have a great day and please email me any work you would like me to see. Mrs Quinnx