Good morning Oak Class! This is our last day of home learning and we will all be back together on Monday! Hooray!

Remember that our live lesson is at 1pm today – I’ll see you then.

Here is the next chapter of The Explorer. I had to stop filming half way through (sorry everyone) so it’s in two parts today:



LI – to write a diary/blog entry.

Re-watch the Pandora video from yesterday’s session. As you are watching, imagine you are an astronaut about to embark on a journey to Pandora. Make a note of the parts you would love to explore and also the places/things which you would be nervous to encounter.

Pandora Discovered: m/watch?v=GBGDmin_3 8E&t=11s (Note: Although Avatar has a 12 certificate, this extract is age appropriate).

After watching, now imagine you have just spent your first day in Pandora. Write a diary/blog about your experiences – using the notes you gathered to help you.

Before writing your diary/blog entry, plan out each section/paragraph – you may wish to use this format to support you:

Section: Thoughts and feelings:
Spaceship journey to Pandora.
Landing on Pandora/first impressions
First place visited (taken from your notes)
Second place visited/meeting creature from Pandora (taken from your notes)
Closing paragraph: Where are you now? How do you feel about tomorrow?
Keep reading through your diary/blog as you write to check it makes sense.

Remember to check for spelling and punctuation too and share your work with me.



LI – To calculate the area of parallelograms and triangles.

In our live maths lesson yesterday, we were working on calculating the area of different shapes and we looked at the formulas needed to calculate different areas. Click the link below to remind yourself of the different formulas needed.


Today, we are going to be calculating the area of triangles and parallelograms so you will need to apply the appropriate formulas from the table. When calculating the area of a triangle, the formula is: ½ (base x vertical height). You need to work our the area by applying the formula base x height and then halving this or dividing by 2.

Before you start your independent work, have a really careful look at the examples in Target Your Maths. then choose from section A, B or C:

TYM Area of parallelograms and triangles

TYM Answers

Extension – Have a go at the following Nrich challenge and see if you can work out the area of the shaded parallelogram:

Nrich Tangram Area Challenge

Nrich Tangram Area Solution


Stilling Time

As we prepare to return to school and finally be back together again, I’d like you to use today’s Stilling Time to reflect on the things you are most looking forward to. This is completely personal to you – there are no right or wrong answers but here are a few ideas: seeing my friends again; being able to learn in school and not having to struggle with home learning anymore; getting back into a routine; life becoming easier for me and my family, etc. There are probably lots of things you’re looking forward to but I would like you to choose your top 3 and record these in your home learning book. If, over the weekend, you are feeling nervous or anxious in any way about your return (and it will be completely normal if you are), look back at your top 3 and try to turn the negative feelings into positives just like we learnt in our PSHE lesson a few weeks ago.

Finally – and just for a bit of fun – put on your favourite song and have a dance. Just enjoy being happy! 🙂


Topic (this will be the focus of today’s live lesson at 1pm)

In case you are unable to join us, this is what we will focus on so you can do the learning in your own time:

LI – to learn about the history of Lancaster Castle as a place of crime and punishment.
In today’s lesson, we are going to examine a case study from the Lancaster Castle archives – the case of Elizabeth and George Youngson.

Read the Case study Information of Elizabeth and George Youngson (below). As you read, think carefully about: their crime, their ages, severity of the punishment.

Case Study Elizabeth and George Youngson

Next, watch the following clip:

Task: Write a statement summarising your opinion of this form of punishment. Please consider:

–          the age of the children it was enforced on

–          the duration of the sentence

–          the crime they committed

–          the conditions on the boats

–          the distance they were sent/separation from parents and family/likelihood of return

Try to use evidence from what you have read and watched in your summary.

Extension– If you are interested in this topic, watch the next chapter of Child Convicts of Australia and produce a short quiz for a family member on the subject:

Don’t forget to share your work with me.

Well done for another great day’s learning.

Make sure you have a lovely restful and relaxing weekend in preparation for our return next week. We cannot wait to see you and want each of you to remember how proud we are of you, of how well you have coped under such difficult circumstances  and of all you have achieved during this lockdown! You are superstars!

See you on Monday! Mrs Fitz 🙂