If you’re wondering what Thomas was whispering at the end, he was telling me to show you my slippers like Mrs Thomas does at the end of Worship! 🙂


Day 5 – Friday

BBC website – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-lessons/1

Find English for today’s lesson 5th June

LI – to plan and write a story.

Extension Theme: This week focuses on calculating your own carbon footprint, exploring how climate change affects the Arctic and how this is impacting polar bears.

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

LI – to produce a mini-documentary or a non-chronological report.

Task 1. Use all you have read over the past two working weeks about climate change to create either of these two writing outcomes:

Mini-documentary: Imagine you have been asked to create a mini- documentary about climate change to feature on the BBC. Select the topics that you have found most interesting and write a script informing others about climate change. You may wish to design posters, pictures or diagrams to be included in your documentary. If possible, video your mini-documentary and send to me.


Non chronological report: Create a non- chronological report about climate change. Select the topics you found most interesting and write a section for each.

Remember to proof-read your work to check it makes sense and for spelling and punctuation.


BBC website – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-lessons/1

Find Maths for today’s lesson 5th June

Extension: (Friday Maths Challenge)

The Friday Maths Challenge is the same on the BBC and the White Rose websites so please use the BBC link to access the challenge:


For those of you who did not finish the Pirate Mystery and/or the Number of the Week earlier in the week, you can choose to do these instead of or as well as the Friday Maths Challenge. The links you need are here:

Number of the Week Y6

The Mystery of the Missing Pirate Treasure

Pirate mystery Answers

LI – to apply problem solving skills in different contexts (Friday Maths Challenge).

Stilling time

I would like you to begin today’s Stilling Time by watching and listening to the Kids Blessing, recorded by children all over the world:

Use this time of reflection to think about your friends, what is special about them and why you are lucky to have them.

Following on from that, I’f like you to access the ‘Getting Ready to Go Big’ attachment below and pick one of the challenges to do. Remember to share your work/ideas with me and Mrs Poole.

Getting-Ready-to-Go-Big-2020-1 home challenge

PE: Please do Mr Garvey’s PE challenge for today.


LI – to answer key questions about God

Think back to the following questions that we have been considering about God in our RE lessons:

Key Questions

What words would you use to describe God?

What is the nature and character of God?

What images do you have of God?

How is it possible for God to be visible and yet invisible?

Where is God?

How old is God?

What is God’s name?

What makes God happy?

What makes God sad?

What does God do all day?

Does God really know everything?

I would like you to have a go at answering some more of the questions (you don’t need to do them all or do them in order) by watching some or all of the following clips on YouTube and seeing what occurs to you. Write your answers or make any notes that you want to in your Home Learning book. Don’t worry if you don’t specifically answer any of the questions above. The main thing to focus on is what you can learn about God from what you’ve watched.


Remember, I won’t be posting answers separatly as you will all have different outcomes but please remember to send us your work – it’s the Friday learning review and we’d like to be able to share as much as possible!

Well done for working so hard this week.

I’ve got a little take-away for you for this weekend – something that’s really important. I’m hoping you can have a talk and a think about it with your family over the weekend:

Look at the Picture News image by clicking the link below:

Picture News

Are you aware of the protests currently taking place in America and in other cities around the world?

Many people are angry about the unfairness and mistreatment of how black African American citizens are treated by the police and in other situations within their lives.

Black Lives Matter is a movement to both raise awareness and educate people about racial inequalities around the world.

Racism is something we can all learn about and find out ways that we can support and promote equality for all.

‘Love your neighbour as yourself and do to others as you would have done to you.’

Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love, Mrs Fitz xXx