Hi Beech Class. I hope you are all well. Well done for getting stuck back into your home learning this week. The work you have been sending in looks great so keep it up! I hope you are liking our new topic of animals and have enjoyed looking at pets. Next week our story will be looking at dogs in English. I know lot’s of you have dogs and like them so I hope you will enjoy the work set next week.

Don’t forget our zoom is at 11am today. I will send the link out just before then via Parents App. You will need to have prepared a 3 x 2 grid like last time , with one of these phonics sounds in each of the 6 boxes:

  ay       ey      oe      a_e     ir      ou      au      e_e      wh      ph       oy        ie  

I hope to see lots of you there.


Today we are going to have a go at writing some instructions on How to take care of a pet. Have a think about what pet you would like to write about.

Watch How to Take Care of a Pet:



or this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1GViwhByMU

if your chosen pet is a dog.


You could read to your child the information on one of the pets from:



Or use information from here if your chosen pet is a cat:

pet-school-facts-cat – day 5

or rabbit:

pet-school-facts-rabbit-day 5

Or look at this information for different pets:

looking after pets info – day 5

Talk to your child about their pet or one they have learnt about and what it would need to be looked after. Use action words/bossy verbs (verbs) such as:

take, brush, clean, make, play etc. to start your sentences (we used them when we did instructions in class).

Ask your child to write a set of instructions for someone to follow if they were to look after their own pet or one of choice.


They could be set out as follows:


How to look after a __



Add drawings or pictures to enhance the work if you would like a challenge.

You know what is best for your child so pick the right amount of instructions to write which suits them.



Today we are going to look at number bonds to 20. Number bonds are really important things to learn and try to memorise as it really helps lots of areas in maths.

In class, we had looked a lot at bonds to 10 and we have recapped them in our home learning. We haven’t covered bonds to 20 at all yet so I thought it was a good time to look.

Number bonds are the numbers we can add together to make a different number. Recap the bonds to 10 first …



Then look at this for bonds to 20:



Then complete this. There are 3 sheets so chose how many your child completes as you know what is best for them.

You could use 20 objects to support the learning of the bonds and split them into the different calculations.

Sheet 3 is a challenge sheet.

friday bonds to 20 activity

Or you could use 20 object and get your child to split them into 2 groups and write the calculation for that e.g. 12 + 8 = 20, 13 + 7 = 20 etc.

Use this to help if you need it:


Have a go at this:


Select number bonds then up to 20, make 20 (or do to 10 if that is more suitable for your child).




Today’s phonics is looking at alternative u sounds. Use this:

phonics day 5

They can chose their game today so either pick:




This is on NEW phonics play – so the games have been slightly updated which is great.

There is an option for different dialects for the u sound as it is pronounced differently in the north and south of England so select north.

Wellbeing activity of the day

Have a go at this musical mindfulness challenge:

Mr Garvey PE

Have a go at the PE set by Mr Garvey on his blog.


Extra Activities – if you would like

Today we are looking at RE and Baptism. Do you know what the word baptism means?

Can you remember the work you may have done before half term on belonging and what groups do you belong to?

When you become baptised you become part of the church and then belong to it.

Watch this clip on Baptism:


We will look at part 2 next week.

Talk to your adult:

  • Have you been baptised?
  • When did it happen?
  • How old where you?
  • Where did you get baptised?
  • Who were your Godparents?
  • Did you receive any gifts? Do you still have them?
  • Do you have any pictures of your baptism?

If you haven’t been baptised, maybe you could talk about a different special moment like a first birthday or something else you think is appropriate.

Have a great weekend everyone. Mrs Quinn xx