Good morning Oak Class! We’ve made it to Friday again!

Remember that we have a live lesson at 9am this morning. We will focus on a Children’s Mental Health Week activity for this lesson.

Don’t forget to access Mrs Thomas’ Friday Worship either.

Here’s the next Chapter of The Explorer – enjoy…

The Explorer PDF: the-explorer-katherine-rundell-extract

Daily Reading

Remember to make some time each day for daily reading and record what you’ve read in your planner. Let us know any recommendations!

Here’s today’s learning…



LI – to continue an existing story or to write your own short story.

Based on what you have read and watched over the past two weeks, choose one of the two following writing outcomes:


  • Predict what might happen to Fred and his friends in the Amazon Jungle after Chapter Two of The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and write your own version of the rest of the story (obviously, this will be much shorter than the original).


  • Invent and write your own ‘survival’ short story. Create your own explorer; think about what their expedition is and where your story is set – jungle, arctic etc, what challenge/ challenges they face and how they overcome these.

Remember to check all punctuation, spelling and grammar.


Read/share your story with a family member in your household or via an online platform and then share it with me so that I can give you feedback!

Although we are finishing our Explorers and Adventurers English unit of work, Mrs Poole and I have decided to continue to read The Explorer as our class novel. We hope you enjoy it as much as we both did! Today’s chapter is at the top of the blog for you to listen to.



LI – Divide numbers up to 4 digits by a two‐digit whole number using the formal written method of long division

Today, we are continuing with our work on long division. Using the link below, please access the White Rose lesson input and click on ‘Long Division 3’. Remember to pause and work in your home learning book when the video tells you to.

Your independent work today is from the Abacus 3 Textbook. I want you to use the method of long division we have been working on to solve the problems. There are also some word problems. Read these carefully and decipher what you are being asked to do. Then use long division to solve the problems.

If you would normally complete Section A then do the first page (p.38). Those that normally do section B or C, complete both pages (p.38&39):

Abacus Long Division

Abacus Long Division Answers

Extension – Do some additional division work on Mathletics.


Stilling Time

Today, we are going to learn about and have a go at Mindfulness Patterns and the importance of doodling. I’d like you to begin by reading through the following presentation:

All About Mindfulness Patterns Powerpoint

Now that you have read that information, have a go at doing some mindful doodling. The is a link sheet below that you can print off and use as a basis for your doodling. Don’t worry if you can’t print it, you can work straight onto paper or into your Home Learning Book. Enjoy!

Mindfulness Patterns



LI – to understand the significance of the story of ‘The Exodus’ for Jewish people today. 

I would like you to begin today’s lesson by reading through the information on the following two PowerPoints and making notes in your home learning book. You could record these as thought showers with the headings The Exodus Story and The Ten Plagues of Egypt in the middle or use those as subheadings and makes notes using bullet points underneath.

The Exodus Story

The Ten Plagues of Egypt

Now, I’d like you to have a go at answering the following key questions in your home learning book:

Who was Moses?

Why is he special?

Who is he special to?

Challenge question 1: Why would a loving God send these plagues? 

Challenge question 2: Was Moses a good leader? Why do you think so?

As a little extra – this could be something to do with your family over the weekend – enjoy watching The Prince of Egypt which a beautiful animation that tells the story of Moses and the Exodus. It is available on Netflix if you have a subscription and it can be rented on Amazon Prime for £2.49 (but please don’t worry about paying for it – I just thought it might be a nice way to conclude today’s learning). Here’s a link to a clip about the plagues from the film:

Well done for another week’s fantastic learning!

Just before we go, here’s the live lesson schedule for next week:

Monday – 9am with Mrs Poole

Tuesday – 9am with Mrs Poole

Wednesday – 1pm with Mrs Fitz

Thursday – 9am with Mrs Fitz

– 10am Emoji spellings with Mrs DK

– 10.15am Sunshine spellings with Mrs DK

– 10.30am Fishy spellings with Mrs DK

Friday – 9am with Mrs Fitz

Have a lovely rest with your families this weekend. Mrs Fitz 🙂