Good morning Oak Class; Friday again!


LI – to write a descriptive, narrative scene.

Find out about Apollo 13 – the most famous space survival story by watching and reading these sources:

Watch: YouTube – Apollo 40th Anniversary – Apollo 13 Animation: m/watch?v=0aPEVRpLB- 0

Read: DK Find Out – Apollo 13: https://www.dkfindout.c om/uk/space/moon- landings/apollo-13/

Read: Apollo 13: The moon-mission that dodged disaster: facts.html

Now watch this clip, taken from the film based on the story, ‘Apollo 13’ (rated PG). The clip is taken from a scene towards the end of the film when the astronauts are on their journey back to earth. As you are watching, jot down how you think each of the people the clip focuses on (the families of the astronauts watching, the NASA workers and the astronauts themselves) are thinking and feeling.

You may wish to use a table, such as the one below, to write your ideas:

People in clip Thoughts/Feelings
NASA workers

Apollo 13 clip: YouTube: Apollo 13 (1995) – Re- Entry Scene: m/watch?v=s_7PfocHTm c&list=PLZbXA4lyCtqoXI QDJX6ARM1eoTNAJEWCf&index=11

After completing your table, write a narrative piece retelling this scene. You may wish to write it in third person (the astronauts …, the families waited …) or first person (I sat there anxiously waiting, I held my breath).

If you do decide to write your narrative scene in first person, decide whose perspective you are going to write it from – a NASA worker, a family member on Earth, etc.

Remember to keep checking over your work for spelling and punctuation. Please send me your work so I can see what you’ve come up with.


In maths today, we are going to complete the Number Review on p.157 of TYM – this is a review of lots of the skills we have been working on this week.

Number Review Questions p.1 Answers p.2

Stilling Time

Please do the following yoga session which is filled with scripture and Bible passages to help you focus your mind as well as your body. What messages can you take away from the Bible passages? Enjoy!


Please do Mrs Garvey’s PE challenge for today.


Please access the BBC Home Learning website and find the French lesson from 26th June:

LI –  to learn the basics of talking about what day, month and time it is in French.This lesson includes:

  • a short film demonstrating how to talk about the time

  • two activities to try at home

There seems to be a typo on the months of the year table (it should say French as the column header but it says German). All of the activities are online so you don’t need to worry about printing anything. Homework challenge – try out what you have learnt on someone at home!

Well done for another week of fantastic work! Have a wonderful weekend and ‘see’ you all on Monday!

Mrs Fitz xxx