Hi Beech Class, I cannot believe we are at the end of another week and only have 2 more weeks left in Beech Class before the summer holidays. Thank you to everyone who has sent work over this week. If you haven’t managed this yet, please send me a piece of English work so I can see how your child is getting on.


Today we are looking at a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. I thought this would be a nice way to finish off our week on bears.

Listen to the Teddy Bears’ Picnic song:



Join in with the words if you can:

Teddy Bears’ Picnic – Karaoke Track

(Some American spellings)

or use this

Read with an adult Real Bears Picnic and the Did You Know sections from this webpage about the history of the Teddy Bears’ Picnic:


https://www.totallyted dybears.com/teddy-bears picnic.html#sthash.vwhimyvb.p1plVw26.dpbs


Consider holding your own teddy bears’ picnic. Write a list of the things you will need to get ready, e.g.

Picnic rug






Think about inviting your own teddy bears/soft toys.

Write an invitation to your Teddy Bears’ Picnic.








Use these templates if you would like:


teddy bear picnic invite

If you feel it is best, just complete one of the two activities. Whatever you think is best for you child.


Check your writing for capital letters for names and places. Use phonics for spelling too.

Send/post your invitations and host your own teddy bears picnic with your guests!



Today we are looking at odd and even numbers:

Odd Even intro

Then either play this odd and even game:

odd and even

Or complete these sheets:

day 5 odd and even


Have a go at this: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/coconut-odd-or-even


Don’t forget to have a go at explaining how you know.



Watch this on phase 5 tricky words:

Then have a go at these games:


Select a sound for your child to practice then they have to read the sentence and tick if it is true and x if it is false.

Then have a go at DJ COW http://www.ictgames.com/hybrid.html – select a sound to practice.


Wellbeing activity of the day

Have a go at this which looks at moving from Y1 to Y2


Don’t write everything down, maybe your child could just draw a picture of themselves and their friends and talk to you at home about the questions.


Mr Garvey PE

Have a go at the PE set by Mr Garvey on his blog.


Extra Activities – if you would like

Have a teddy bears picnic with your favourite teddies!

Or have a go at one of these teddy bear picnic activities:





Have a great day and please email me to show me how your child has got on. I hope you have a nice picnic (even if it is indoors due to the rubbish weather) and a lovely weekend. I will see you all next week where we will be travelling to Africa to learn about the animals that live there! Mrs Quinn xx