Hi everyone. It was great to see you all yesterday on our Google Meet. Well done again for another great week of home learning. Here is the work for today:


The gingerbread Man sees lots of different animals in the story. Can you name them?

Today you are going to use your list of other animals he could have run away from to write a new journey:

https://youtu.be/FjvK8Yr-0RM English


Try to use time connectives to start each sentence…

Record your ideas in your books. Draw a picture of the animals to go with your writing if you like.



Like last Friday, we are going to have a go at recapping some of the things we have covered in class so far. It is always good to recap prior learning so we don’t forget things we have learned.

Have a go at these games to warm up:


Select addition or subtraction and a level that is suitable for your child.

Then have a go at ordering numbers:


Select a level that is suitable for your child.


Then have a go at some of the maths mats.

The mats have 3 levels – 1 star, 2 star, 3 star. Chose the level that is best for your child.

I have attached 3 different ones so please don’t feel you have to do all 3.

1 is fine but there are more for those who like to do more:

Y1 Maths Mat 6 

Year Mat 7

Year 1 Mat 8



https://youtu.be/3JIejd1eVck U-e



After looking at our friends last week, we are now going to look at Jesus’ friends.

How did Jesus make friends?

Why did people make friends with Jesus?

Do you know the names of Jesus’ friends?

Jesus had many friends but there were twelve men that he chose to be his special friends.

This group are known as Jesus’ disciples.

Watch this to learn about Jesus’ first disciples:


https://youtu.be/UWiqXIn9tyg Watch the above video.

Can you retell the story through drama?

There are some Freeze Frame ideas to help your retelling on sheet one below.

Or you could have a go at sheet 2 where you have to think about how the Disciples may have felt following Jesus.

Jesus Disciples


Have a fab day and a great weekend everyone. Please let me know how you all get on. Mrs Quinn x