Good morning Oak Class!

It’s Friday again! These weeks are really flying by! Remember our Google Meet at 9am this morning – see you then.

Here’s my final chapter of Letters From The Lighthouse – enjoy:

Daily Reading

Please remember to spend some time each day reading. 30 minutes is about right but obviously you can do more if you want! It’s really important to keep your reading skills up and it’s also a great way to relax and improve your knowledge in all sorts of areas. Read whatever interests you and try to read as widely as you can. It would be great if you could continue to record your daily reading in your school planner.



LI – to write a blog with a balance of facts and emotions.

Task 1. Read the biography of Sir Edmund Hillary, the explorer and mountaineer, here Ducksters: Sir Edmund Hilary website: https://www.ducksters.c om/biography/explorers

Task 2. Read facts about Mount Everest on page 6 of the following extract, making notes in your Home Learning Book as you read Everest: The Remarkable Story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay by Alexandra Stewart: https://www.lovereadin 6/Everest-The- Remarkable-Story-of- Edmund-Hillary-and- Tenzing-Norgay-by- Alexandra-Stewart.html (You will need to become a member of LoveReading4Kids. Membership is free). Follow Edmund Hillary on his trek up Mount Everest (by clicking the links to each part of the journey) here Scholastic – Relive Edmund Hillary’s Trek to the top of the world: mb/climb01.htm

You can also see a visual of the journey they would have taken here Mount Everest Base Camp to Summit in 3D: m/watch?v=UTxpNiA_Uj c

Task 3. Based on what you have read about the expedition to Mount Everest, imagine you are Edmund Hillary about to embark on this journey. Write a blog (suspend your disbelief to imagine you have the facilities!) outlining each part of your journey. Try to have a balance of both facts and emotions he would have been feeling at each point. Remember to share your work with me once you have finished.



LI – divide proper fractions by whole numbers.

For maths today, we are continuing with our fractions work but are going to be focusing on dividing fractions by whole numbers. This sounds more complicated than it actually is. Watch the video below which explains really clearly how to divide fractions by whole numbers:

Now apply your learning to the independent work from Target Your Maths:

TYM Dividing Fractions

Remember to choose from Section A, B or C (as you would in school) and move on to a more challenging section if you feel this is appropriate.

Here’s the link to the answers so you can mark your work once you’ve finished:

TYM Dividing Fractions Answers

Extension – Do some fractions work on Mathletics to consolidate your learning from this week.


Stilling Time

You’ll need a family member to help you with this but I think you’ll both enjoy it:

Shoulder Massage/Rub – In pairs, massage the shoulders and back of your partner. Negotiate with them about the place and strength of touch they’d like. Swap over so you both get a go. Questioning – How does it feel to massage my partner’s back? Enjoying – The fact that you can help them relax and enjoy your massage. Wondering – How it will feel to receive a massage? Asking – What do I like best about my massage?

I hope you’re feeling lovely and relaxed now!



LI – To know the central place of the Torah in the Synagogue and identify some content of the Torah. To describe and explore the real importance of the Torah for Jews.

Please watch the video below with today’s input, pausing when I ask you to.

Here is the PDF link to the information sheet:

Torah Information Sheet

Please remember to share your work with me.

Well done for another fantastic week of work. Have a well-deserved rest this weekend. Don’t forget to do your Big Bird Watch count at some point today, tomorrow or Sunday and submit your results.

Here’s the Live Lesson schedule for next week – sorry they’re not all at the same time next week.

Monday – 10am with Mrs Poole

Tuesday – 9am with Mrs Poole

Wednesday – 9am with Mrs Poole

Thursday – 9am with Mrs Fitz

– 10am Emoji spellings with Mrs DK

– 10.15am Sunshine spellings with Mrs DK

– 10.30am Fishy spellings with Mrs DK

Friday – 9am with Mrs Fitz

I miss you all but will hopefully see you soon! Mrs Fitz x