Good morning Oak Class. I hope you’re all well and rested after a good night’s sleep.

Don’t forget to start the day by checking out Mrs Thomas’ Worship blog – it’s lovely to think we’re all in Worship together!

Now for our learning…


Go to BBC website

Find the English lesson for today – 24 April: English

Record the LI below in your Home Learning book and then work through the lesson on the screen. Record any notes that you might want to make and anything that you are asked to write down, e.g. tables, in your book. The final task challenges you to write the next chapter in the style of Matt Haig. This should be done in your Home Learning book. Use the prompts to help you. Good luck!

LI – To select key pieces of information from a text and evaluate the text while giving a personal opinion.

Extension English task

LI – write a descriptive poem using noun phrases.

  1. Extended write: LI – Using all you have read / watched throughout the week create your own magical shop.
    1. Look back at your artwork from yesterday afternoon – your drawing/painting of your magical shop. If you’ve not done this activity yet, you’ll need to do it before you start writing.
    2. Imagine you are an author and you are writing your opening chapter to introduce this magic shop. Write your chapter. Try to include some of the words/phrases and sentences you have collected and written throughout the week.


Use the 24 April: Maths lesson on the BBC website:

LI – To use problem solving skills to solve maths puzzles.

BBC online learning have partnered with White Rose Maths to create a series of challenges to test your problem solving skills. See how many you and your family can do together!

They want you to let them know how you’re getting on @bbcbitesize and @White Rose Maths with the hashtag #BitesizeChallenge. They’ll publish the answer on Monday.

Maths Extension

Please click the link below and work thorough the selection of questions in your Home Learning book. I will publish the answers later.

Twinkl maths questions 1

Following this, from the selection of questions you have just done, pick an area you are less confident with and work on this on Mathletics. If you were confident with everything, have a go at something that you know you need to improve on. I’ll check mathletics logins later today so I can see who has been on.

Stilling Time

I know how luch lots of you enjoy Fitness Marshall so I’d like you to dance along to the following video as a warm-up to Mr Garvey’s PE challenge. If you really don’t want to do this (I know some of you aren’t that keen), choose some gentle warm-up stretches to do for different parts of the body. Whichever activity you choose, focus on connecting body and mind while you do it.

PE – Please do Mr Garvey’s PE lesson for today. Have fun!


Use the 24 April: wellbeing lesson on the BBC Website.

LI – to learn about the transition from primary to secondary school.

First of all, watch the videos. You may find it helpful to be able to talk to someone at home about what you have wathced and learnt.

Activities (work in your Hame Learning book):

Think about some of the tips you learnt from watching the video clips.

Make a checklist of things you think you would need for a school day.

Think about and plan the things you might need to get ahead of starting at a new school. This could include stationery, a planner, a calculator etc.

Also think about and write down the tips you learnt about how to find your way around a new school.

That’s all for today! Have a fabulous weekend and ‘see’ you next week! Mrs Fitz xxx