Good morning Oak Class! Another Friday is here again!

Here’s today’s learning…


BBC website –

Find 26th June English for today’s lesson which is a reading lesson based on Macbeth retold by Marcia Williams.

LI – to summarise and explain what Shakespeare says.


BBC website –

Find 26th June Maths lesson for today.

Challenge of the Week

Stilling Time

For Stilling Time today, I’d like you to watch and think about the following video.

This is something we have watched together in Worship but it never gets old. It’s all about random acts of kindness and the profound effect they can have on the people who receive them. this leads onto our afternoon lesson…


I’d like you to logon to Google Classroom and access and complete the Wellbeing – Giving activity that is there for you. Rememebr to submit your work to me please.


Please do Mr Garvey’s PE challenge for today.

That’s another week gone – how time flies. Well done for all you have acheived this week. Have a well-deserved rest this weekend and see you all next week.

Mrs Fitz xxx