Good morning Oak Class. I hope you’re all well and rested after a good night’s sleep.

Don’t forget to start the day by checking out Mrs Thomas’ Worship blog – it’s lovely to think we’re all in Worship together! If you’ve not got time before our Google Meet at 9.30 this morning, don’t worry – you can always watch it later.

Here’s the Live Lesson schedule for next week (it’s easier to remember than this week – 9am everyday except for the usual spellings times):

Monday – 9am with Mrs Poole

Tuesday – 9am with Mrs Poole

Wednesday – 9am with Mrs Poole

Thursday – 9am with Mrs Fitz

– 10am Emoji spellings with Mrs DK

– 10.15am Sunshine spellings with Mrs DK

– 10.30am Fishy spellings with Mrs DK

Friday – 9am with Mrs Fitz


Here is the next chapter of Letters From The Lighthouse – Together. It’s an emotional one – sorry if I get a bit choked up whilst reading!! Enjoy…

Now for our learning…


We are meeting again for our live lesson at 9.30, where I will introduce the concept for today:

LI – to calculate and interpret the mean as an average.

In case you missed the live lesson, this is what we discussed:

Definition of mean:
Mean is a kind of average. There are different types of average called mean, median and mode. To find the mean, total the quantities and then divide by the number of quantities.

Real-life uses of mean:

  • The mean is often used in research, academics and in sports. For example, when you watch a baseball game and you see the player’s batting average, that number represents the total number of hits divided by the number of times at bat. In other words, that number is the mean.
  • In school, the final grade you get in a course is usually a mean. This mean represents the total number of points you scored in the class divided by the number of possible points. This is the classic type of average – when your overall performance on many items is evaluated with a single number.

When would mean not be useful?
Finding the average shoe size.

Like yesterday, the independent work from today is from Target Your Maths (TYM). Choose from section A, B or C depending on your confidence. You can always do more than one section of move on as you develop in confidence. Here’s the link to your work:

TYM Finding the Mean

Here are the answers so you can mark your work as we would do in school:

TYM Finding the Mean Answers

Extension – Do some additional work on Mean on Mathletics.



LI – write a descriptive opening chapter.

Extended write: Using all you have read / watched throughout the week create your own opening chapter to a story about a magical shop.

Look back at your artwork from yesterday afternoon – your drawing/painting of your magical shop as this will help to get your creative juices flowing.

Now, imagine you are an author and you are writing your opening chapter to introduce this magic shop. Write your chapter. Try to include some of the words/phrases and sentences you have collected and written throughout the week. Remember to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar and to share your finished work with me.


Stilling Time

For Stilling Time today, I’d like you to watch and think about the following video:

This is something we have watched together in Worship but it never gets old. It’s all about random acts of kindness and the profound effect they can have on the people who receive them. This is an important message all the time but especially now! Enjoy!



LI – explore harmony and build up musical scores.

Our music work this afternoon links to the learning we have done in our rivers topic this week. I’ve set you a 2Do on Purple Mash.  I’d like to you have fun composing a ‘Rivers’ piece of music. Think about the different features you’ve learnt about: source (the music would be gentle/quiet here); tributaries (add in some different instruments); meanders (have fun representing these with sounds); waterfall (loud and dramatic), etc. Don’t forget to submit your work. Have fun!


We know that keeping up with our physical exercise is really important and is even more so at the moment when our daily exercise time is limited and we’re not having playtimes and PE lessons at school. I’d like you to spend some time today (if you haven’t already) getting some exercise. Choose one or more things from the list below (I’ve provided a few ideas as we all like different things) or choose something of your own (like Eve’s boxing):

  • Access and do Mr Garvey’s PE challenge from this week.
  • Do today’s Joe Wicks workout on YouTube.
  • Search Fitness Marshall on YouTube and do some of your favourite dances.
  • Do a yoga video on YouTube (Like the Rainbow Yoga I shared with you).
  • Go for a walk or a run with a family member.
  • Go for a bike ride with a family member.

Let me know what you did for your exercise.

Well done everyone for another week of fantastic learning! I am missing you all and really hope we can be together soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs FitzGerald x