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Find the English lesson for today – 1 May: English

Record the LI below in your Home Learning book and record any notes, etc in your book.

LI – to use and analyse an extract.

Extension English task group:

Extended write: LI – to write descriptively using the writing techniques taught in Year 6.

Today you are going to write your own opening chapter about a child’s first day at school; a child who is different in some way.

Task 1. Watch these clips. Tamara:


The Present:

Little Freak:


Task 2. Choose one of the above as a character for your story. Think about what you have read/watched this week regarding Auggie. See the tables below for a way to plan your story. After you have planned your story, write your first chapter. Think about all the writing techniques that you have been taught in Year 6 and see how many you can use in your chapter. Read back your chapter out loud and check back over your spelling and punctuation.

Character First Impression Evidence from the text
Auggie I think Auggie is compassionate.


I think Auggie is …

I think this because in the text it says ‘I wanted her to see how mad I was at her. But then I saw her face and just nodded. She seemed more scared than I was.’






Generic plot extracted from Wonder Your new plot using either Tamara, the boy from The Present or Little Freak
How the main character is feeling before school, walking to his classroom, children’s initial responses to him
1st lesson- 1st teacher- a negative experience  


Lunchtime- one positive and one negative experience
How main character is feeling after his first day  


Maths – BBC online learning group:

Use the 1 May: Maths lesson on the BBC website:


LI – to use problem solving skills to solve maths puzzles..

Maths Extension group:

Please click on the link below to take you to the White Rose Maths work for today:


Go to Week 1 and find lesson 5. Remember, the answers are also there for you to look at once you have completed the work so I won’t post these separatley later.

LI – to use scale factor.

Stilling Time

You’ll need a family member to help you with this but I think you’ll both enjoy it:

Shoulder Massage/Rub – In pairs, massage the shoulders and back of your partner. Negotiate with them about the place and strength of touch they’d like. Swap over so you both get a go. Questioning – How does it feel to massage my partner’s back? Enjoying – the fact that you can help them relx and enjoy your massage. Wondering – how it will feel to receive a massage? Asking – what do I like bast about my massage?

PE – Please access and do Mr Garvey’s Friday PE lesson. Let us know how you get on!


We are starting a new unit: Ideas about God

LI – to begin to think about the nature of God, His characteristics and His relationships with people.

Today’s work is to consider the following key questrions. You may wish to start by discussing them with a member of your family or you could call a class member and talk about them together. Make notes in your Home Learning book. Next, use your notes and discussions to have a go at answering them in your book. Record each question first and then your answer(s) to it.

Key Questions

What words would you use to describe God?

What is the nature and character of God?

What images do you have of God?

How is it possible for God to be visible and yet invisible?

Where is God?

How old is God?

What is God’s name?

What makes God happy?

What makes God sad?

What does God do all day?

Does God really know everything?


That’s all for today. You’ve worked really hard this week and should be very proud of yourselves. Have a wonderful weekend with your families and see you next week. Mrs Fitz xxx