Good morning Oak Class. It’s then end of another week again and next week it will be all change for lots of us!!


Day 5 – Friday

BBC website –

Find English for today’s lesson 19th June.

Reading Lesson: The Parent Agency by David Baddiel.

LI – to summarise a character and share your opinion.


LI – to continue an existing story or to write your own short story.

Based on what you have read and watched over the past two weeks, choose one of the two following writing outcomes:

  • Predict what might happen to Fred and his friends in the Amazon Jungle after Chapter Two of The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and write your own version of the rest of the


  • Invent and write your own ‘survival’ short story. Create your own explorer; think about what their expedition is and where your story is set – jungle, arctic etc, what challenge/ challenges they face and how they overcome these.

Remember to check all punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Read/share your story with a family member in your household or via an online platform and then share it with me so that I can give you some feedback.



LI – to solve problems in a range of contexts.

We are all working on the same thing today – the Friday Challenge from the BBC website

BBC website –

Find the Maths lesson for today –  19th June.

Remember that the problems start off easier and get more difficult. See which ones you and your family can do. Good luck!


Stilling Time

Normally, if we were in school, we would be making Father’s Day cards for you to give to your dads on Sunday. For Stilling Time today, click the link to access the mindfulness colouring activity sheets; you can pick the one you like best and colour it in beautifully and then it can be folded to make a card for you dad. Hopefully you’ll be able to print it out but if not, you could just look at them for ideas and then draw your own. Alternatively, just do your own design, but use this time to make the card. Your dad will really appreciate it on Sunday.

Father’s Day Mindfulness Colouring Cards


PE – Please access Mr Garvey’s PE challenge for today.



LI – to learn about the Lake District, including where it is and what it is like.

For our topic work this afternoon, I’d like you to access the BBC website and the geography lesson from 16th June which is all about the Lake District. I thought it would be lovely to focus on an area local to us!

Read through the information and watch the videos, making any notes you want to in your Home Learning Book. There is then an online activity to complete followed by a paper-based activity.


And finally… it’s going to be a big week for many of us next week and something that we have been waiting for. We can’t wait to see those of you who will be joining us in school, and for those of you that aren’t, don’t worry, all our learning will still be on the blog for you to access and hopefully we’ll be able to do some Google Meets from school too. For those of you coming back, we know we posted this video weeks ago (before everything got delayed), but we thought it would be useful for you to watch it again.

See you next week you lovely lot – either online or in person! Love Mrs Fitz xxx