Hi Beech Class, I hope you’re all OK. The work you have sent me this week has been amazing! It looks like you are enjoying the Highway Rat story and the work you have done for it has been great, so well done everyone. I am looking forward to our Zoom at 11.15 today. Don’t forget to have your 10’s bingo board ready.


Watch The Highway Rat animation film

again for a final time if required:




or listen to the story being read aloud.




Ask your child to find their favourite character in the story, from whom the Highway Rat steals food. Discuss how they are feeling and what they might be thinking. Talk about what the police might ask them if they were to be interviewed.


For today’s activity you are going to write some questions in role as a Police Officer to your chosen character.

What punctuation do we need at the end of a question?


Here are some examples of quesions you could ask:

Who did you see?

What did he look like?

What did he ask for?

What did he take?

Can you think of other questions that would be good?


In role as the chosen character, children could orally answer the questions and, this time, write down their responses.

Remember to include a question mark.

Check for finger spaces and full stops.



Today we are looking at doubles.


Use the link above then select Week 8 w/c 15th June

Watch the video Lesson 2 – Doubles


You can select the doubles activity to complete today.

Here is the white rose activity:

Maths day 5 -Make-doubles-2020

Or you could do some ladybird doubles:


There are 2 sheets for the ladybird activity so pick the one that is best for your child.



Here are some challenge cards:

Or have a go at this:


Select option – double to 20


or you could play this:


Select options – doubles then to 20



Here is today’s phonics:

phonics day 5

Wellbeing activity of the day

Have a go at this Lion King theme activity today:

Mr Garvey PE

Have a go at the PE set by Mr Garvey on his blog.


Extra Activities – if you would like

For today’s extra activities I thought it would be good for Beech Class to look at how we are all different and all special. This is in view of the Black Lives Matter movement. I think it is so important that we teach tolerance and acceptance from a young age. I want beech Class to be able to engage with this at an age appropriate level. I saw this Cbeebies video and thought it was perfect for this:


Then you could use this prompt to have a discussion around what makes us different and special:



I hope you all have a great weekend, Mrs Quinn xx