Now to start today’s work…


For those of you who have chosen to continue with the BBC online learning…

Go to BBC website

Find the English lesson for today – 15 May: English

Record the LI below in your Home Learning book and record any notes, etc in your book.

Remember that you can use the Writing Assessment Framework to help you:

Year 6 Writing Assessment Framework

LI – to give your opinion and summarise information.

Extension English task:

LI – to write a story opening.

Today you are going to write the opening to a story featuring your robot.

You will need to include a description of your robot using ideas you have gathered this week. Your story could be about your robot’s quest to satisfy their wish – whether it be for a heart, brains, new hands, or to become human.

To help you plan, consider:

Where is your story going to be set?

Will your robot have another character to help them along the way, just as Dorothy helped the Tin Man?

What obstacles might they meet along the way?

Remember to read through your writing to check it makes sense and to check for spelling and punctuation.

You can also use the Writing Assessment Framework to help you:

Year 6 Writing Assessment Framework

Maths – for those of you who have chosen to continue with the BBC online learning…

Use the 15 May: Maths lesson on the BBC website which is the challenge of the week:

LI – to solve problems in different contexts using the most efficient method.

Maths Extension

We will be completing today’s Oak Academy Maths lesson. Please click on the link below:

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and find Week 1, click on Friday and then Lesson 1 Maths.

LI – to compare fractions greater than 1.

Just like yesterday, begin with the quiz. Once you’ve done it, check your score to see how you’ve done. Then watch the video; you may need a pen and paper to make notes, or complete any activities. Listen closely for any instructions. You can pause the video to complete an activity. Then click ‘Close Video’ and click ‘Next Activity’ below. The video will re-appear on the next page. If you don’t need to pause, watch it until the end. When its finished, click ‘Close Video’ and then ‘Next Activity’. Then complete the independent task and finally, do the exit quiz to end the lesson. Let us know how you have found the Oak Academy work this week.

Stilling Time

Please watch the Headspace animation focusing on the happiness of others and how in turn, this helps to improve our own happiness.

After watching, I want you to make some notes in your Home Learning book under the following headings:

Ideas to help impove the happiness of the people around me

(These ideas could be for memebers of your family, friends or people in your local community).

How I think doing these things will make me happier too

Once you’ve made your notes, try to put some or all of your ideas into practise. Let me know what you decide to do, how you get on and how it makes you feel.

PE  – Please do Mr Garvey’s PE lesson to kick start your afternoon. I’m hoping you’re all managing to do plenty of exercise, especially now the restrictions on this have been lifted slightly.


Please use the 14 May: Design & Technology lesson on the BBC website. This links brilliantly with our Robots English focus and I’m sure lots of you will find it really interesting.

LI – to learn about extreme designs and how they are tested, using elements of science and maths..

Read through the information and make any notes you want to in your Home Learning book. There are two online videos to watch and then and then two activities to try. If you can print out the sheets then do so. Otherwise, you can copy the work into your Home Learning book.

Just like on Wednesday, if you haven’t done so today, please spend some more time on Mathletics and Spelling Shed. 

Well done for all your hard work this week! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Mrs Fitz x