Hi everyone. I cannot believe we are at the send of our second week of home learning in Beech Class. Well done to you all for all your hard work this week. I have been so impressed with your information pages and have loved reading them. Thank you also to all the parents for all your hard work and support this week. I really appreciate all you are doing!


Help! Fluffy the penguin is missing! He had lots of fun in the snow at the weekend …

He has been settling in well at my house and then he loved seeing you all yesterday on our GoogleMeet.
But I have not seen him since yesterday at the meet!
Can you write a description of him to help him to be found?

Think about:

  • What does he look like?
  • How big or small is he?

Don’t forget:

use your robot arms to sound out the words:


Use this template or just record in your books:




Start by counting in tens:

Watch this:

Have a go at One of these activities (pick the one that best suits your child). Count the tens in tens and then count the ones and record the answer.



Or have a go at this game https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/place-value-basketball

Challenge – if you would like more Activity Cards – Tens and Ones



Phonics o_e https://youtu.be/vxWQsT7HLB4

Stilling Time 

Have a go at some peer massage:

peer massage


Have a go at an activity from the grid:

home learning grid polar regions

Or have a go at one of these challenges:

Well done again for another great week of work! I am so proud of you all! Have a great weekend, Mrs Quinn x