Hi Beech Class,

I hope you are all OK. I am excited for our Zoom at 11am Today. Look for a message on Parents App at 11am for the link. I will have the chat muted at first and unmute as and when we need. I think it will be the best way to do it otherwise it may be a bit chaotic and we won’t be able to hear anyone. I am really looking forward to seeing you all!!


Today’s English is an extended Phonics lesson.


Have a look at his tricky word song too:

It may help children with the remembering of how to spell the words when writing.

Pick and chose what your child does if the sentence writing is too much

friday phonics and english


We are going to look at all the directions we have looked at this week.

Can you follow the directions:

maths friday intro


There are 2 maps with questions to have a go at. Do both if your child is confident. Do the first one if they are needing more support with position and direction.

friday activity maths



Have a go at the Cha Cha Slide to practice you different directions

Mr Garvey PE

Don’t forget to have a go at Mr Garvey’s PE activity for today.


Well-being activity for the day

Have a go at this activity. What makes a good friend?

wellbeing day 4 a good friend


Extra activities – to have a go if you would like

Today’s sea creature is the Clown fish.


Watch this link to find out more…



You could get crafty…


Or have a go at filling in this fact file on a Clown Fish…

clown fish fact file


Or use this website to learn more


and label the diagram of the Clown Fish here:




Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe and see you all back on Monday for more work with a sea creature theme…

Mrs Quinn xx