Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all excited about this evening! We want it to be as special as possible for you all!

Now for today’s work…


LI – to write a diary/blog entry.

Re-watch the Pandora video from yesterday’s session. As you are watching, imagine you are an astronaut about to embark on a journey to Pandora. Make a note of the parts you would love to explore and also the places/things which you would be nervous to encounter.

Pandora Discovered: m/watch?v=GBGDmin_3 8E&t=11s (Note: Although Avatar has a 12 certificate, this extract is age appropriate).

After watching, now imagine you have just spent your first day in Pandora. Write a diary/blog about your experiences – using the notes you gathered to help you.

Before writing your diary/blog entry, plan out each section/paragraph – you may wish to use this format to support you:

Section: Thoughts and feelings:
Spaceship journey to Pandora.
Landing on Pandora/first impressions
First place visited (taken from your notes)
Second place visited/meeting creature from Pandora (taken from your notes)
Closing paragraph: Where are you now? How do you feel about tomorrow?
Keep reading through your diary/blog as you write to check it makes sense.

Remember to check for spelling and punctuation too and share your work with me.


Today, we are moving onto division in Abacus Textbook 3.

LI – to use division to find fractions of amounts.

There are a range of different calculations and word problems for you to work through. Remember to use the divison method that works best for you and use your multiplication knowledge to help you (jotting down the multiples of the number you are dividing by can be a real time saver). The tips in the speech bubbles are also there to help you. You might not do all three pages – just do what’s right for you but remember to challenge yourself.

Abacus Textbook 3 P35, 36, 37

Abacus Textbook 3 P35, 36, 37 ANSWERS

Stilling Time

If you are in school, you can do the following Stilling Time activity in your Reflection Journal. If you are at home, use your Home Learning Book or a notbook/diary if you’ve got one. Looking ahead to our final week as pupils at Ellel, I want you to record:

  • Three emotions you are feeling ahead of next week (try to include positives as well as negatives)
  • Three things you’d like to say to someone (this could be one person or three different people) next week – it might be a thank you for something, an apology, a piece of advice, etc
  • Three things you want to make sure you do next week (think about tying up loose ends, something you won’t get the chance to do again, etc)

Now you’ve made your lists in your chosen book, look at them again on Sunday and remind yourself what you’ve written. Try to make sure you do them next week.



LI – to learn about automatic drawing and create our own abstract artwork.

As promised, I want to make sure we get to do lots of artwork before the end of the school year – this is what we’d have been doing if we’d all been in school as we don’t get the chance to do very much of this before SATs. So this afternoon, we’re going to do an Oak Academy art lesson based around the artist Juan Miro.

I’d love to see the abstract artwork that you come up with; please remember to share it with me.

Well done for another great week’s work. See you all at 6pm! Mrs Fitz x