Day 5

English – phonics recap.

Go through this phonics pdf

phonics for friday

We are looking at ai, ay and a_e.


Look at this grid and write the words correctly.

phonics activities friday

Use your robot arms to sound out the words.

Print the sheet to complete if you can, if not look at the pictures then write the words in your books.


Maths – ordering numbers

Call out a number to 100 and get your child to write it down the number. Use this number line to help their number formation.

Ask is your number larger or smaller than the last number?


Play coconut number ordering:

select options:


up to 100

You can always set it lower if your child is struggling.


CHALLENGE – extra ideas to do if you like

Here is an extra challenge sheet if you would like more to do. Can you put Jack’s magic beans in order. There are 2 sheets. Choose one to do or if you’re feeling super hard working do both.

Magic Beans ordering CHALLENGE – Friday

Maths problem of the day

I will start to add a problem of the day for your child to have a go at if you wish. We have been trying out problems like this a lot in class. The main thing is for children to have a go and explain how they got their answer. It doesn’t always have to be correct, it’s about developing their thinking skills. If they say I just know, encourage them to tell you how they know.


Well-being activity for the day

I know this song is a popular stilling time choice in Holly and Hazel Class. I thought Beech class would like a go too.


Extra Challenges (optional)

If you’re looking for extra things to do look for an activity on your home learning grid or pick a challenge from these lego challenges:

If you don’t have lego you could always use any other construction you have or craft materials.

Rainbow challenge.

You may have heard about people making rainbows and putting them in their windows to cheer up passers-by. The rainbows aim to make people smile while they’re walking by, and also offer a message of hope. We are asking all the children in the school to make a rainbow and put it in their window today.

There are already 3 on my road. Let’s see if we can spread the message and hope even further.


Watch out for a worship announcement …


We have completed our first week of home learning – so well done everyone!! I’m so proud of you all! Have a great and restful weekend everyone! Stay safe everyone. See you back on Monday! – Mrs Quinn xx