Morning – the last week of Home Learning before the Half Term!

You’ve done such a great job this Half Term and we’re nearly there!

See you in the Google Meet at 9:30 🙂

Today’s learning:



9x tables to practise for this week’s test please. This will be on Thursday as we are having a fun day on Friday with lots of activities to choose from.


L.I. – To convert kg to g and km to m.

We will go through this in the mornings Google Meet. I’ve included the teaching PowerPoint below for you if you would like to practise.


Year-5-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-VF-Kilograms and Kilometres

Choose from:

Mild Sheet 1

Spicy Sheet 2

Hot  Sheet 3


Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge




Spelling Test today:

10:10 -Kappa/ Omega

10:20 – Pi

You can leave the Meet, once you have completed the spelling test and added your score to the chat or told Mrs Glover your score.

Individual spellers – please ask a grown-up to test you.

L.I. – To write a magazine article.

We will go through this in the Google Meet.

Read about three inventions which were discovered by accident here:


Once you have read this, watch this clip about another invention which was discovered by accident – the potato chip (or crisps as they are more commonly known in the UK): (watch from the start up until 2:30 mins).

Imagine you are to write about the discovery of potato chips in a similar style to the article you read at the start of this session.
Write your version of the discovery of potato chips using the same format as this article, such as:

  • selecting your main title
  • using the sub-headings ‘The ‘Oops’ Moment’ and ‘The Details’ with a short description
  • a sub-title for the discovery
  • a short explanation
    Remember to read back through your work to check for spelling and punctuation.


L.I. – To consider the work of Scientists in relation to Space.

Watch the video below:

Record in your book:

  1. What did Aristotle and Ptolemy think about the movement of the Earth?
  2. What theory was Nicolaus Copernicus the first to suggest?

Use your KWL grid from week 1, I have attached it below if you can’t find it.

KWL grid

Record what you have learnt about the Earth and Space from this half term in the L section (What I have learnt).

Be ready to share this in tomorrow’s Google Meet.

Look at the questions you had at the start of the topic and se if you have now found the answers. If not, try to find the answers using the websites below.


Further Challenge:

Find out about  why some people think that structures such as Stonehenge might have been used as astronomical clocks. Write short paragraph to explain this theory.

Stilling Time

Choose from one of the sheets below:


Great work today Sycamore Class – see you tomorrow at 9:30!

Love from

Mrs Padfield 🙂