Morning everyone!

Everybody needs to send me a copy of their English and Maths today please, so that I give feedback and keep track of who is completing work.

If you could do this on Google Classroom it would be helpful as I can give feedback more easily and I can tick off who has handed work in. Thank you!

Today’s Home Learning:



3x table test

You can either do this with me at the end of the Google Meet or have a go online on Mathsframe, if you know how to use it or;

Here are the sheets if you want to do it during the Google Meet: 3x 20 3x 30 3x 40 3x 50

L.I. – To compare and order fractions.

I will go through this on Google Meet this morning. Please could you complete this on Google Classroom if possible as it is easier for me to give feedback and record who has handed it in. I’ve also attached it below:

Mild – A Q2-10
Spicy – A Q 9-12 B Q 5-9
Hot – C Q1-10

Maths TYM

Answers Maths TYM

Here’s  a further challenge if you choose:

Further Challenge Fri

Answers Further Challenge Fri



Write Stuff

Everybody needs to send their writing to me today.  Please submit this on Google Classroom if possible so that I can easily send you some feedback and I can tick you off when I have received it.

Today I would like you to watch the video below.

I would like you to retell the story.

I have attached the Success Criteria below for you to include within your writing (I will put it on Google Classroom too). I will go through this during our Google Meet.

Toki rainforest diary

If you prefer to hand write it, please still send it via Google Classroom if possible, if not email a copy to me.



We are starting our art for this half term by looking at the artist Henri Rousseau. I have included some key facts below and there is also a video to watch:

Henri Rousseau facts

Henri Rousseau pictures


Use the images of some of Henri Rousseau’s paintings below to make some sketches of the different leaves.

Look for the different shapes, sizes and shades of green.

You can also include sketches of any leaves you can find.

Use whatever drawing materials you have around you e.g. pencils, crayons, felt tip pens.

I would love to see some of your art work so if you can please send a picture and I can post them on the Blog.


Stilling Time

Time to unwind after a busy week!

Bubble Breathing

You are all Superstars – have a well deserved break over the weekend!

love to you all

Mrs Padfield:)