Morning all 🙂

Today’s Home Learning:

Most of the Google Meet today will be Maths as there are resources and guidance below for the English today.


Please practise 3x table ready for the test on Friday. A quick go on

Starter / Practise

There are a mixture of questions here. Have a go and see how many you can do. Use the answer sheet to look at the ones you miss out to see what the answer should be. We will keep practising these types of questions so don’t worry if you find some too challenging at the moment.

Number of the Week Y5 Wk121

Number of the Week Y5 Wk12 Answers


L.I. – To use multiplication and division  for equivalent fractions.

Today we are using multiplication and division to find equivalent fractions.

I have included the Teaching PowerPoint I used in the Google Meet below if you want to look at it again. You might have to Save it to view it.


Choose from sheets below:

Mild – Sheet 1

Spicy – Sheet 2

Hot – Sheet 3



Further Practise:

The following sheets has some more reasoning problems on so you can have a look at these as well if you would like some  further practise.


Further Challenge:

Further Challenge thurs w1

Answers Further Challenge thurs w1



Today you will be working on spelling rules for this week to be tested on Monday. Choose the activity that matches your spelling group.

Kappa / Omega

L.I. – To investigate suffixes -able -ible

Watch and join in with the Oak Academy video below. You will be looking at spellings with the suffix -ible and -able some of which we introduced in the Autumn Term. In this lesson you will be looking at them in more depth.


L.I. – To understand the meaning of key words.

Find the meaning of the following words from your spelling list using the online dictionary or one you have at home.

Record what word class each word is e.g. noun, verb etc

Write a sentence including each word from the list.


Joe Wicks does an exercise video on YouTube.

Remember to punctuate accurately using capital letters and full stops and check your spellings.












Individual Spellers

If you have individual spellings practise them on Spelling Shed. Then write a sentence for each of your spelling words. You can type this is you prefer.

R.E. Jesus the Teacher

Think about your own experiences of teaching and learning.

I wonder what you think is the most important thing you have been taught in your life so far?

Have a go at filling in the sheet below or write it in your book.
Jesus the Teacher – lesson 1



Have a good day – keep smiling. You are all doing amazingly well!