Hi everyone. I hope you are all OK. Thank you to those people who have sent over their children’s work from yesterday. Please do send over pictures of things they have done, I would love to see how you are getting on.

Here is the learning for today:


An egg update:

Watch this clip for English today:

Fiction, Non Fiction https://youtu.be/alqqw_FzU9A

Then, can you find a selection of different types of books in your house?

Can you sort them into fiction (story) and non fiction (information)?


As an extra challenge, can you find some of the features of:

a fiction book – the character, chapters, illustrations

a non fiction book – contents, glossary, index, diagrams, labels



Today we are continuing with our work on time and looking at days of the week.

Have a look at this to learn more about the days of the week:


Then have a go at this song to help to learn the order of the days of the week.

Then as a follow up have a go at one of these activities:

Make a days of the week paper chain:


Or make a days caterpillar like this:

Days of the Week – Caterplillar

Or you could play days snap like this:


If you cannot print you could always write the days on a piece of paper to sequence or to make a paper chain. Select the activity to best engage your child.


Have a go at this for phonics:

Aw https://youtu.be/4DTnxbU9MsU 

Stilling time

Here is today’s stilling time activity.




Have a go at one of the activities from the grid if you would like to do some extra:

home learning grid polar regions

Have a great day and please email the work you do to h.quinn@ellel-st-johns.lancs.sch.uk. If any parents have any questions or need any support, please email and I will help as much as I can.

Mrs Quinn xx