Hurray – we’ve made it to the last day of Home Learning!

Congratulations -you’re all amazing!

I will see you in the Google Meet at 10am. We will have some time to share what you did for World Book Day and to talk a little about coming back to school.


12X table test

12x 30

12x 40

12x 50

12x 60

L.I. – To Visualise 3D shapes from 2D representations.

This is an interesting challenge for you.

First have a go at the question below:

Resource Sheet Birds Eye Viewpoints

Then choose from the sheets below:

Mild – 1 star

Spicy  -2 stars

Hot – 3 stars

Activity Sheet Cube Model Reasoning

Here is an extra activity for you:

Mild – 1st

Spicy 2nd

Hot – 3rd

Horizontal Activity Sheets – Reasoning About 3D Shapes (2)

Answers – Reasoning About 3D Shapes (2)

Further Challenge:

Use Purple Mash to create nets for different 3D shapes. use your Reading Record to find the 3D shapes then have a go at creating them using 2Design and Make that we have been using in I.T..



L.I. – To use key information from a text to create a labelled illustration.

Based on all you have read so far this week, design your own deadly creature.
This could be a hybrid of your favourite deadly creatures such as a cobra snake and a tiger combined or a completely new creature.
Give a name for your deadly creature and draw a picture of it – labeling the key ‘deadly’ features around the image.
Create a fact file page about the deadly creature you have designed.
Think about ensuring you have answered key questions for your reader such as; Where does it live? What makes it deadly? What does it eat? Where and how does it hunt?

If possible, you could also film a ‘Deadly 60’ video about your new creature – imagine you are Steve Backshall on the hunt for your deadly creature. Explain to the audience what you are hunting – giving them key facts whilst you are on the search.



L.I. -To use perspective in drawings.

This is a great art lesson, which teaches you the skill of representing perspective in your drawings.

Watch the video and have a look at the images below before having a go at your own drawing using perspective. Watch up to 11:12 and complete the task. You can watch the rest of the video about adding colour if you want to.

Perspective Photo Pack


Stilling Time

Take some time to recognise what you have achieved in Home Learning.

Draw a picture of yourself and write  around the outside some of the things you have done since you have been learning from home.

What have you enjoyed?

What have you learnt?

Who can you thank for helping you?

What skills do you now have?

Be proud of what you have achieved and say a big Thank You to those at home who have helped you.!

Can’t wait to see you all again next week -have a lovely weekend!

Love to you all -you are amazing!

Mrs. Padfield