Happy World Book Day!


We will have some book related activities in our Google Meet this morning – don’t forget to prepare something about your favourite book to share with your classmates.

Apart from Maths, all our activities today are linked to World Book Day.


L.I. – To calculate missing angles and lengths in shapes.


Answers Starter

This is the PowerPoint I will be using in the lesson today:


Mild – Sheet 1

Spicy – Sheet 2

Hot – Sheet 3


Further Challenge:

Further Challenge – shape

Answers Further Challenge


World Book Day

Live Lesson


Today I would like you to tune into the Live lesson on BBC Teach / CBBC at 11:30am.

This 30-minute Live Lesson, hosted by CBBC’s Ben Shires and Bitesize Daily’s Mr Smith is tied into key curriculum objectives for Key Stage 2.

You will be learning all about themes in stories and how to identify them, hearing about the stories you’ve been reading and some of your favourite themes, and meeting some of the incredible people that write about them. To wrap up the Live Lesson, there will also be a live question and answer session with comedian and author of the Little Badman series, Humza Arshad.

I have attached the activity sheets to go with the lesson below for you to use:




Below I have included lots of book related activities for you to choose from for the rest of the days Home Learning – hope you find plenty to enjoy and keep you busy!

Bringing Books to life:

Here’s some great videos all about bringing books to life by some celebrities, which include animations:



 Author & Illustrator Academy

There are some great masterclasses by authors and illustrators on the link below plus ideas for follow up activities.



Loads more activities for you to choose from….

Design a new cover for your favourite book. Include the title, the author and an illustration the reflects what the book is about.

KS2 World Book Day Authors Word Search

KS2 World Book Day Word Search




Share a book with someone today. You could do this with someone in your household or ask permission from an adult to share a book with a loved one or friend over video such as Zoom.

Hope you have a lovely day enjoying books and sharing them with others.

Stilling Time

With the wonderful Mrs. O’Donnell.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s activities – please be ready to share what you have done today in tomorrow’s Google Meet!

See you in the morning!

Love from Mrs. Padfield