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Today’s Learning:



We will have a go at this in the Google Meet but I have included it below if you want to have a practise:


L.I. – To multiply numbers including decimals, by powers of ten (10,100,1000).

Here’s a great resource to use to practise x 10 100 1000:




Mild – Q1-3

Spicy – Q4-6

Hot – Q 79


Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge




Listen to chapter 13  of Danny Champion of the World:


We are starting a topic on Non-Fiction texts today on the theme of inventions.

L.I. – To identify key information from a text.

We will go through this is our Google Meet today.

Watch the BBC clip What is an invention?:

After watching the clip, write your own definition of what an invention is.


Now read about some key inventions in history here:

Inventions extract


Based on what you have just read, select the invention you think is the most important.

Write down which invention you have chosen, a short description of it and why you think it is the most important. This should be about 6 lines of your book.


  • Accurate punctuation
  • Accurate spelling
  • Use the sentence starters:

The _______________ is an incredible invention. The reason for this is because it _________________________.

In my opinion the most important invention is the ______________________. This is because ____________________.




Try to get outside in the fresh air for a good run around!


Login to Purple Mash for the next lesson on 3D Modelling.

Open 2Design and Make from the Art icon and click on the video (play button) on the top right.

Watch the help video ‘Make a 3D model’. Read the sheet below which also includes and extension task, should you want to further your learning.

Lesson 2 -To explore the effect of moving points when designing


Stilling Time

With Mrs. O’Donnell today.

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