Morning – no Google Meet today so I will see you tomorrow 🙂

Today’s Home Learning:



Choose level 4 for mild level 5 for spicy /hot. Then choose ‘Rounding’.

Next choose what you are rounding to. Try to challenge yourself!


L.I. – To solve problems involving capacity.

This follows on from yesterday’s Google Meet lesson. I’ve attached the PowerPoint again for you to look through and refresh your memory:


Choose from the sheets below:

Mild -Sheet 1

Spicy -Sheet 2

Hot -Sheet 3





Chapter 12  – Danny Champion of the World

You have hopefully listened to Chapter 10 and 11 already from last week. Here is Chapter 12 for you to listen to:



L.I. – To spell words from this week’s spelling list and understand their meaning.

Kappa / Omega




Individual spellers -please write a sentence for each of your spellings -check your punctuation and spellings.

Further Challenge:

Write a sentence each for the words below with accurate spelling and punctuation. Use if you need to find the definition.

receipt, perceive, deceive, protein



L.I. – To consider how Jesus’ teachings impact Christians’ lives.

Think about the following question:

How do Christians try to live out Jesus teaching?

Look at the school’s Christian values,

Service   Trust   Honesty   Compassion

Forgiveness  Hope  Justice  Friendship

How are they connected to Jesus’ teaching?

Have a go at linking our school Christian Values to the Beatitudes we looked at last week and to the parables we have looked at to see where they match up

e.g. Forgiveness links to the parable of the unmerciful servant.

Linking School Christian Values to Jesus’ Teachings



Hope you are enjoying these lessons for music – have fun!

L.I. -To perform a Tuka in a rhythmic cycle.


Stilling Time

Take a breath!

Remember to take some time outside today. even if it is cloudy it is still good for you.


Well done everyone – you’re doing a great job!

Love from Mrs Padfield 🙂