Half way through the week now – well done everyone!

Today’s Learning:


12x table practice

L.I. – To divide 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders.

Watch the video and answer the questions on the sheet, Try to have a go at all of the questions on the sheet.




Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge



Tomorrow is World Book Day. It would be great if we could have some book talk tomorrow in our Google Meet. I would like you to share either a book you have read in lockdown or a favourite book of yours. Take some time to think about this today ready for tomorrow.

Practise your spellings on Spelling Shed please. If you do IDL, make sure you have done this 3x this week.

L.I. – To use key words and phrases to narrate a video.

Read the following two extracts about snakes, making a note of any key words or phrases used:
‘Predators’ By Steve Backshall:
predators extract final sm
‘100 Most Feared Creatures‘ by Anna Claybourne:

Now watch ‘Iguana vs Snakes’ scene taken from Planet Earth II:

Imagine you are the  new ‘David Attenborough’ or ‘Steve Backshall’ and have been asked to narrate this scene (be the voice-over for the scene).
Write the narrative you would say to accompany this scene. Try to include lots of facts about snakes using the key words and phrases you have jotted down.
You may wish to read aloud your voice over to a family member and, if possible, record it to send to me!


L.I. – To understand the different ways to search a database to answer questions.

You will need to login to Purple Mash for this lesson. Print off the question sheet below if you can as this makes it easier to then use the Alien Database on screen. Follow the instructions and information below:

A database is a tool that allows us to store and then sort information. On Purple
Mash the database tool we will be using is 2Investigate.

Open the 2Investigate database ‘Aliens’. This has been set as a 2Do.

Click on one of the records, e.g. Doom Lord.
Look at how the information is entered on a database:
• Some fields are entered with the names typed in (Favourite Food, Hobbies)
• Some fields have the data entered in numbers (Strength, Eyes)
• Other fields are entered using drop-down menus (Planet, Special Powers, Earth Habitat and
Body Texture).
• Why do you think that drop-down entries are useful

For the next part of the lesson we are going to look at the different ways that information in
the database can be sorted.

Use question sheets below to answer questions on the Aliens Database.

mild – 2invest_aliens_questions_simple

Spicy / Hot 2invest_aliens_questions_moveon – Copy

Answers  2invest_aliens_ – Copy

Further Challenge – make up some of your own questions and provide the answers.


With Mr. Garvey, Joe Wicks or an outdoor activity of your own choice.


Stilling Time

Strengthen your focus!


Great effort everyone – look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Love to you all,

Mrs. Padfield