Morning Everyone – hope you are all wide awake and ready to get going!

No Google Meet this morning.

Look out on the blog for the post about the RSPB live lesson which is taking place tomorrow at 11am. This introduces the Big School Birdwatch.

Today’s Home Learning:



Click the link below. Choose from the following tasks:

Mild – Level 4  – partitioning – up to 9,999

Spicy -Level 5 – partitioning -up to 9.99

Hot – Level 5 – partitioning – up to 0.999

You can set the timer for a challenge or choose manual which allows you as much time as you need. The answers will appear at the end.

L.I. – To subtract whole numbers with more that 4 digits.

Watch the video and have a go at the questions on the sheet below:


Mild – Q 1-3

Spicy – Q4-6

Hot – Q 7-9



Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge



Listen to the next chapter of Danny Champion of the World:

Chapter 8



L.I. – To be able to answer retrieval questions.

Watch the video and follow along with the tasks in your Home Learning Book.




L.I. – To understand what the Beatitudes mean.

Jesus was a great teacher.

So what teaching methods did Jesus use?

  • He taught by example, he took risks; he was creative, he used story and repetition.
  • Jesus also taught through building relationships.
  • Jesus used things that were familiar to the people to illustrate his teaching, eg sheep, shepherding, baking bread and building houses etc.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus explains to his followers what kinds of human lives are blessed by God. The statements he made are known as the Beatitudes.

Watch the video to hear all 8 Beatitudes.

Read the sheet below to understand what each one means for Christians:

The Beatitudes

Choose one of the Beatitudes. Write the Beatitude with large, coloured  lettering. Draw an illustration to go with it showing what the Beatitude means.


Hope you’ve been enjoying the music lessons so far.

L.I. – To understand how rhythmic cycles feature in Indian classical music.

Stilling Time

Have a go at this activity:

Well done everyone – you’re doing a great job. I’m so proud of you!

Love from Mrs Padfield 🙂