Here we are – the last day before the weekend.

See you in the Google Meet at 9:30. Please have your Rainforest Creative Homework ready to share if you haven’t already sent it to me.

Please send me today’s English and a sample of your Maths from this week, on  Google Classroom if possible.

Today’s Learning:



Times tables test:

30 11x

40 11x

50 11x

60 11x

L.I. – To solve problems involving translation.

Mild -Sheet 1

Spicy – Sheet 2

Hot – Sheet 3


Further Challenge: 

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge




Write Stuff

L.I. – To write a discussion text ( about deforestation).

Using what you now know I would like you to write a short discussion text for and against deforestation.

Here is a guide for you about discussion texts:


It should be no more than one side of your book or the equivalent if you are word processing it on Google Classroom.


You will need to include the following:

  • An opening question to introduce the discussion. e.g. Is deforestation bad or good?
  • Points for deforestation -you should back up this argument with at least 2 examples using evidence and explanation.
  • Points against deforestation – you should back up this argument with at least 2 examples using evidence and explanation.

Use the checklist below to help you to write your discussion text.




We are starting a new topic in Science – Living Things and their Habitats.

This is a great topic for Spring as you will be able to observe plants in the environment and you may even decide to try to grow your own plants.

L.I. – To identify the stages in the lifecycle of flowering  plants.

Watch the video and follow the instructions.

There is a worksheet with a series of questions to complete either on the worksheet or in your book.

You will also need to complete the Life Cycle of a Plant sheet.

Finish by completing the quiz at the end as well.


Stilling Time

Have fun!

Congratulations – you’ve finished another whole week of Home Learning.

You are all superstars!

love from Mrs. Padfield 🙂