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Today’s Learning:




Answers – Starter

L.I. – To solve problems involving addition using numbers with more than 4 digits.

We will go through this in the Google Meet.


Watch the video below for guidance for the worksheet:


Mild Q1-2

Spicy Q 3-4

Hot Q5-8



Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge




We have finished our work on Danny Champion of the World but I would like you to finish either reading the book using the text below or by listening to a chapter a day.

Chapter 8


L.I. – To understand the context and genre of a text.

This week we will be using some lessons from Oak Academy on Non-Fiction texts.

Today’s lesson introduces the text and focusses on the context and genre of the text.

Listen and when you need to,  pause the video so that you can respond to any questions being asked and complete any tasks you are asked to do.



With Mr.  Garvey or Joe Wicks  – or your own ideas! Try to get outside for a good play.



How well do you know the people in your life? Friends and family often have things in common, but we are all unique and individual, so there might be lots of things that are different about you and the other people in your family.

It would be so boring if we were all the same. Find someone you know who you’d like to get to know even better and work through these questions together:


Stilling Time

With Mrs. O’Donnell today.

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