Morning everyone – looking forward to seeing you in the Google Meet.

Today’s Learning:



Starter: See how many of these you can do:



L.I. – To describe a shape after translation.


Mild –  Sheet 1

Spicy  – Sheet 2

Hot  – Sheet 3


Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge


Third Space Learning are also providing daily Maths challenges if you would like to take a look:

English / Topic

Today’s lesson covers both the English and Topic learning for the day.

L.I. – To plan a debate using key information from a text.

Today we are looking at the issue of deforestation in the Rainforest. I will share a PowerPoint with you and we will make some notes from this during the Google Meet

I have included some top tips for making notes below:

Making Notes Top Tips


Sort the statements below into for and against deforestation:

For and Against


Use what you have learnt to write 3 examples of the effect of deforestation using Point Evidence Explanation. Use the sheet below or record it in your book.

Point Evidence and Explanation – Copy

Further Challenge:

Find out more about the effects of deforestation and make further notes.


Hi everyone. As requested in our meeting this morning, I have set the Design Brief Sheet as a 2Do when you log in to Purple Mash. Please have a go at completing this for your design as a record of what you have done.

L.I. – To refine and print a model.
To finish off our unit on 3d Modelling I would like you to create your own design and if possible print the net and then create your 3D model by cutting and sticking it together.

Record the following in your book:

What went well?
How it could be improved if completing the task again?

Now watch the video below to find out how you can use 3D Modelling on a computer to create 3D models using a 3D printer:


Stilling Time

With the wonderful Mrs. O’Donnell.

Great effort everyone – one more day to go and then we will have finished our first week back!

You’re all amazing!

Love from Mrs. Padfield