Morning everyone! Hope you had a good weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Google Meet this morning.

Today’s learning:


7x tables to practise for this week’s test please.


Choose from the tasks below to practise 7x table:

L.I. – To add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits.


Mild – sheet 1

Spicy – sheet 2

Hot – sheet 3



Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge




Spelling Test today:

10:10 -Kappa/ Omega

10:20 – Pi

You can leave the Meet, once you have completed the spelling test and added your score to the chat.

Individual spellers – please ask a grown-up to test you.

L.I. – To identify and use adverbs of time.

Adverbs of time tell us when something has/will happen e.g.

  • I’m going to tidy my room tomorrow.
  • I saw Sally today.
  • I will call you later.
  • I have to leave now.
  • I saw that movie last year.

We will go through this in our Google Meet . I have included a quiz below for you to practise with:


Below is a word mat with examples  different adverbs:

Adverbs word mat

Choose your sheet from below:

Mild- adverbs of time

Spicy – sheet 1

Hot  – Sheet 2


An extra task if you would like to have a go:

Spelling Game



L.I. – To understand the movement of the Moon.

Watch the videos below:

Use the information from the videos to help you to label the diagram of the Moon, Sun and Earth.

Activity Sheet Earth Moon and Sun Labelling Diagram – Black

Further Challenge:

Add brief explanations to your diagram using scientific vocabulary.


Stilling Time

Enjoy relaxing with this video after all your hard work.

Great work today Sycamore Class – see you tomorrow at 9:30!

Love from

Mrs Padfield 🙂