Happy Wednesday everyone – nearly half way through the week already!

No Google Meet today so let me know if you have any questions.

Today’s Learning:



11x tables practise for the test on Friday.


L.I. – To draw objects after reflection.


Use what you have learnt about reflection this week to complete the sheet below.

Have a go at as many questions as you can.




Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge


Third Space Learning are also providing daily Maths challenges if you would like to take a look:




Omega / Kappa L.I. -To be able to spell key words.

Pi – To spell words with the /ee/ sound spelled with an i

Please also have a go on Spelling Shed.


Choose at least 2 out of the activities below to practise your new spellings.

Spelling Activities

I have attached any sheets needed below:

Spelling Battleships

Synonym Shed


Further Challenge:

Use a dictionary to locate each of your spellings.

Record the word plus its word class. Write a definition for each word in your own words.



L.I. -To explore the theme of victory.

What comes to mind when you hear and read the word – Victory?

Think about the following questions:

What does having the victory mean?

How does it feel to be victorious?

What does it mean to be victorious?

Do you have to win to be victorious?

Are winning and victory the same thing?

Jot down examples of victory and what you  think it means on the sheet below:


Think of an occasion when you have been victorious.

This could be when you have felt that you have overcome an obstacle in your life, when you have out a lot of effort into something and have been pleased with the results or when you have completed something that seemed a challenge at the start.

Write your ideas in your book or on the sheet above.


L.I. – To understand the different elements of a Samba performance.



Stilling Time

Let it Go!


Another day of Home Learning completed – well done Sycamore! We are getting there one step at a time,

love from

Mrs. Padfield 🙂