Welcome Back!

I hope you managed to get a good break over half term and had some fun!

I’m really excited to see you all again today in our Google Meet!

Remember I would like to see photos of what you got up to on the last day as well  as anything you also want to share from the half term holiday.

Google Meet 9:30-10:30


Today’s Home Learning:


11 x tables for this week’s test please.

L.I. –  To identify, describe and represent a shape after a reflection.

We will go through this in the Google Meet.

You might find this online program useful for practising reflection:


Mild Sheet 1

Spicy Sheet 2

Hot Sheet 3


Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge



Spelling Test tomorrow please.

L.I. – To write a Cinquain.

A cinquain is a 5 lined poem. Today we will look at cinquains during our Google Meet.

I have included a prompt sheet about Cinquains below for you to look at.

Cinquains Poster – A4

After the lesson, write out the Cinquain about chocolate that we wrote during our Google Meet onto the sheet below and put it in your book. Use your neatest joined handwriting.

Chocolate Poem Template

Her  is the poem from today’s Google Meet for you to write out in your best handwriting or you could create your own on the theme of chocolate.

words for poem

Follow up task to be prepared for tomorrow’s lesson please:

In your book, collect a list of words and phrases that describe Spring. Maybe take a walk and look around at what you can see starting to grow, look up at the sky, listen out for the sounds of Spring.

Next think of actions that take place in Spring e.g. What are birds doing? What are flowers and trees doing? What are lambs doing? hat are you thinking?

After that think about what you feel like in the Spring – are you feeling hopeful? excited? glad?

You could do some research to find out which flowers grow in Spring and what special celebrations take part in Spring e.g. Easter for Christians.

Have your list ready for the Google Meet tomorrow.

Further Challenge:

Write your own version of the Chocolate Cinquain.



L.I. – To develop close observational skills.

We have done some artwork using flowers and plants so to follow on from this I would like you to work on developing your close observational skills.

For today’s lesson you will need a spring flower. Have a look around you. If you have access to a garden with maybe some snowdrops or crocuses you could sit outside and complete your work. If not I have attached a webpage below for you to use. You can zoom in on the images so that you can take a closer look.


Take some time to look very closely at your chosen flower.

Try to spot the tiniest details. Think about the following questions:

  • How is is shaped?
  • Are there any tiny details like lines or marks?
  • Does it have lighter/ darker parts?
  • Is it all the same colour or are there different shades?

Now have a go at creating a detailed drawing of your object.

If you don’t have any colours you can still use a pencil to create a detailed drawing. Use the side of your pencil to shade.

I would love to see your drawings so if possible send them in to me.


Stilling Time

Take on the Day!


Well done everyone. You are brilliant at this Home Learning business!

We’re going to have a great week!


love from Mrs. Padfield