Morning – Happy Friday everyone!

Last day of Home Learning for the week. Well done I am so proud of all of you.

Please submit both your Maths and English to me from today, preferably on Google Classroom but you can also email it.

Today’s Learning:


Times Tables Test – 6x table   2 minute timer

You can join in with me at the end of the Google Meet if you want to use one of the sheets below or you can do the test later or online as usual. Please keep a record of your score.

If you are choosing 50, record the time it took if you finish before 2 minutes.

6x table 20

6x table 30

6x table 40

6x table 50

L.I. – To revise place value.

This sheet has a revision of key learning for Place Value.

Have a go at all the questions below. Do all the ones you can do and then check them with the answers.


Answers -Place Value


Further Challenge

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge




Read or listen to Chapter 7.

Chapter 7:  The Baby Austin.


Based on what has happened in this chapter, predict what might happen next by answering the questions below. Think about what you think might happen. Give reasons for your predictions – why do you think this?

  1. How does Danny find his Dad?
  2. Where was his Dad?
  3. Why didn’t Danny’s Dad return home?
  4.  Will they be able to leave Hazel’s Wood without being caught?

Write Stuff

L.I. -To use predictions to continue a story.

Write a short chapter continuing the story using your predictions about what will happen next.

This should be no more than a side of your book.

As always, I am looking for quality writing. We spent Tuesday’s Google Meet practising proof reading skills: checking spellings, punctuation etc.

Make sure you are completely happy with your efforts before handing it in to me on Google Classroom.

I have included some prompts for you on the sheet below and the Success Criteria. We will discuss this in today’s Google Meet and share some ideas.

Write Stuff



L.I. -To be able to identify features of a rainforest (Amazon).

Watch the video below to find out about the types of flora (plants, trees) and fauna (animals) that live there.


Choose a sheet from below:

Mild -Sheet 1

Spicy – Sheet 2

Hot -Sheet 3

Differentiated Rainforest Layers Activity Sheet

Further Challenge:

Use the website below to find out more about each layer and make notes in your book.


Art – Creative project to be completed by the end of term.

We would normally be setting a creative homework task for this half-term related to our Amazon topic. I think this is a good idea to continue with!

So, I would like you to create some art that shows your knowledge of the Amazon rainforest.

I understand that it may be difficult for grown-ups to get hold of lots of art resources for you so I have included a range of ideas below for you to choose, depending on what you have available at home.

The key information I would like you to include are:

  • the names of the different layers of the rainforest
  • examples of flora (e.g. types of trees) found in each layer
  • examples of fauna (animal life) found in each layer

You can do this within your work or you could type this up separately.

You can choose from the following for your project:

  • rainforest model in a shoe box
  • Lego model
  • Minecraft Modelling
  • a diagram /  drawing / painting
  • a 3D model using junk materials e.g. empty packets, boxes / modelling equipment such as Duplo / playdough/ Paper Mache

You may have other ideas so let me know!

Take your time with this – think about doing a little bit on it each week – it needs to be completed by the end of term.

Good Luck!

Have a well-deserved rest at the weekend – fingers crossed for better weather – you’ve worked so hard this week!

See you all Monday,

love from Mrs Padfield 🙂