Morning everyone – looking forward to seeing you today for our Google Meet. I am in school so we’ll see how it works!

Today’s Learning:



The answer is 50 what is the question?


L.I. – To count forwards and backwards with positive and negative numbers.

We will look at the PowerPoint below in our Google Meet.


Choose a sheet from below:

Mild -Sheet 1

Spicy – Sheet 2

Hot – Sheet 3


Now have a go at solving problems with negative numbers below;

Mild -Sheet 1

Spicy- Sheet 2

Hot -Sheet 3


Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge



The main focus of today’s lesson is reading for understanding.

L.I. -To understand key words in a text and use evidence to back up opinions.

We can gain understanding by finding out what unfamiliar words mean and by looking for evidence in the text.


Read and enjoy Chapter 6  of the story, Mr. Victor Hazel:

You can listen to a reading of this chapter here:

Chapter 6:



Task 1

Use  or a dictionary at home to find the meanings of:

  • poach
  •  snob
  • veiled
  • superior
  • twilight

Write them in your book with the definitions.

Task 2 

Write the answers to the following questions in your book using full sentences:


  • Who is Mr. Victor Hazell?
  • Why doesn’t Danny’s father like Mr. Hazell?

Spicy / Hot

  • What is meant by decarbonizing? Use
  • Explain why twilight is the best time to catch a pheasant.
  • Why did Dad wear the navy blue sweater and peaked cap to go poaching?

Task 3

Listen to or read Chapter 7 ready for tomorrow’s lesson.

Chapter 7:  The Baby Austin.


Further challenge:

Make notes on the key events that happened in Chapter 7 ready for tomorrow’s lesson.



With Mr. Garvey or Joe Wicks or another choice. Try to get outside for some exercise and fresh air!



L.I. -To  speak in sentences, using familiar vocabulary, phrases and basic language structures for time.

Watch and listen to the sentences on the PowerPoint. Repeat the sentences out loud to practise.

Lesson Presentation

Now create your own booklet with what you do at different times of the day. Use the prompt card below for the words and phrases you need.

My Day Prompt Card

Ma Journee Booklet

Practise saying the sentences to someone at home.


Stilling Time

With Mrs O’Donnell today – see the blog post.

Well done Sycamore Class – only one more day to go before the weekend. See you tomorrow!

Love from 

Mrs Padfield 🙂