Morning everyone! See you in this morning’s Google Meet!

Today’s Learning:


12x table practice for Friday please.

L.I. – To calculate missing angles around a point.

Here is the PowerPoint I will be using this morning if you would like to take another look at it:


Mild Q1-3

Spicy –  start at Q 4 and have a go at the rest of the questions

Hot – Q6-8 then have a go at the further challenge



Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge



L.I. – To create a quiz using words or phrases from different sources. 

Read and watch about these deadly animals. For each animal, jot down any words or phrases that grab your attention as you go:
The King Cobra:
The Blue-ringed Octopus:

The Honey Badger:
Based on what you have learnt, create a quiz for a family member, adult or teacher to answer.
An example of a quiz based on deadly animals can be found here:



Please share this work with your parent:

SCARF at Home: Keeping Myself Safe

What your child will be learning about

  • Assertiveness skills

What your child can think about – or for you to talk about, together

  • How can I say what I want in a clear, calm way, without giving in or getting angry?

Being Assertive

Knowing how to say what you want in a clear and calm way is a really important skill to learn and practise. Have a go at this quiz to find out more about how to be assertive.




L.I. – To be able to write a sentence about what I like and don’t like to eat.

Have a look at

Read up to and including Did you Know? You do not have to read the rest of the page about drink today.

Click on the icons online to listen to how to pronounce the French words. practise saying them out loud.

Saying what you like and don’t like

To say ‘I like’, you say:

  •  J’aime – I like
  •  Je n’aime pas – I don’t like

Now you can say what you like:

  •  J’aime le fromage – I like cheese

  •  J’aime les frites – I like chips

  •  J’aime les légumes – I like vegetables

…and what you don’t:

  •  Je n’aime pas le fromage – I don’t like cheese

  •  Je n’aime pas les frites – I don’t like chips

  •  Je n’aime pas les légumes– I don’t like vegetables

Write your own sentences. Write 3 using J’aime (I like) and 3 using Je n’aime  pas ( I don’t like) and some of the French words for different foods from the website.

Read your sentences in French to someone at home.



With the amazing Mr. Garvey or Joe Wicks or any other fun activity that will get you outdoors!

Stilling Time

With the wonderful Mrs. O’Donnell

Great effort Sycamore Class – you’re doing so well!

Love from Mrs. Padfield