Happy Tuesday everyone – look forward to seeing you at today’s Google Meet at 9:30!

Today’s Home Learning:



Please practise your 6x table for this week’s test on Friday. Use the website below or any other method which will allow you to practise.


L.I. – To solve problems using knowledge of roman numerals to 1,000.

We will go through this in the Google Meet.

Have a go at this question:


Now try these:

Mild – Q1-3

Spicy Q3-5

Hot Q 6-8



I have also set you a practise activity on Mathletics if you would like to practise Roman numerals further.

Further challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge



L.I. -To use features of explanations. 

We will look at proofreading in our Google Meet to start off with.

Read and enjoy Chapter 5 of the story, The Secret Methods.


VIDEO:     https://youtu.be/XngA_37ZDs4

Imagine you have been asked to design a poster to advertise ways to poach pheasants.
Create a poster explaining the two methods Danny’s Dad describes for how to catch a pheasant, ‘The Horse-hair Stopper’ and ‘The Sticky Hat’.


Make your poster attractive by including:

  • an exciting title
  • labelled diagrams
  • time conjunctions – First, next, after that, finally etc.
  • words and phrases from the text
  • eye-catching colours
  • if you are feeling really creative, you could also include an additional method to poaching pheasants which you have invented!




With Mr. Garvey, Joe Wicks or your own idea. Try to get outside for a good run around and a play.



Acts of kindness

Being kind to other people helps them to feel good and it makes us feel good, too! You might have noticed sometimes, when you’ve done something kind for someone – perhaps helped them or paid them a compliment – you might have felt good inside.

Some people call it a ‘warm, fuzzy’ feeling. Well, that good feeling comes from chemicals that our brains make and it’s good for our health to feel that way. Have a think about some ways that you can help other people. Draw or write them on this poster (or do both!)


Stilling Time

Enjoy this doing the activity set by Mrs O’Donnell.

Great effort today everyone!

See you in the morning,

love from Mrs Padfield:)